Viindoo Functional Certificate

By passing the exam, you will receive the Viindoo Functional Certificate

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Who is this for?

The purpose of the Viindoo Functional Certificate is to confirm that the candidate has acquired a sufficient level of knowledge to apply and tailor Viindoo best practices in a given organization. The candidate is:

Viindoo Functional Certificate
Viindoo Functional Certificate

Why do you need?

Obtaining the certificate is extremely necessary, because:

  • In participating in Viindoo's Partnership program, Resellers need to prove that they are capable and understand the business in Viindoo to advise and provide effective solutions for customers.
  • For Viindoo Consultants, the Viindoo Functional Certificate is one of the bases for assessing competency according to the Skill Framework for Consultants at all levels (Junior, Senior, Expert) at Viindoo.
  • For other individuals who are interested in and study Viindoo Enterprise Management Software, this exam can be used as a form of testing and assessing their knowledge.

Which Functional Certificate is right for you?

Viindoo Functional Certificate icon
Viindoo 15 Certification

Functional Certification for consultants implementing Viindoo 15.

Viindoo Functional Certificate icon
Viindoo 16 Certification

Functional Certification for consultants implementing Viindoo 16.

Toolkit to help you get a Certification​

The necessary documents for you to have enough knowledge to pass the exam, get a certificate of Viindoo, and support in the process of deploying software to customers.

Viindoo Sample Test
Viindoo Sample Test

The Sample Test helps you test your knowledge before taking an official test.

E-learning Platform

List of courses you can take to build your knowledge.


Guide to help you use and configure the Viindoo software.

Viindoo E-Book

Quick start guides, and step-by-step implementations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the guidelines for your exam:

  • Each right answer is worth 1 point.
  • Each wrong answer will cost you 0.5 point. 
  • Each unanswered question is worth 0 points. If you already answered but wish to leave it unanswered, you also have an "I don't know" option on each question, that is also worth 0 points, it is considered as an unanswered question. 
  • To save your answers on each page, please use "Previous page" and "Next page" to navigate through the exam. 

You need 70% to pass, there are  60 questions, and you have 60 minutes to finish. Be careful at the end when you submit the exam on the last page, you can't go back.

Can I have a preview of what the certification will look like? How can I exercise before taking the test?

Yes! You can. After the Sample Test, if you pass, you also can have the Sample Certificate. But don't worry, the sample test is like short and easier with 20 questions in 20 minutes.

To exercise you can:

  • Check-out our free e-learning platform.
  • Study with our documentation.
  • You’ll find step-by-step on Viindoo Implementation Ebook.
  • Try the Viindoo Sample Test.

See detail 

It will give you an idea of what the quiz will look like and get familiar with the interface. Once you feel ready you can take your official Certification.

  • First, you need to choose the version of the certificate that you want to certify. The system will direct you to the Certificate exam interface.
  • After that, you Sign in and press Join Course to start the exam. 

Remember, once you start the exam, you won't able to pause or stop the exam until you submit it.

Yes, you do. 

The training course with Viindoo Consultant will give you the base knowledge about the Viindoo system. After the training, to get Viindoo Certificate, you still need to take the Viindoo Certificate exam.

Your score will appear once you submit the exam. You’ll see a breakdown of your results.

Your certificate is under your own name. If you’d like to keep your certification tag (e.g. you are becoming a partner yourself or you are now employed with another partner) contact our support team. They will switch your tag to your new Viindoo user.

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