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ERP Customization with Viindoo: Efficient and Cost-saving

ERP customization refers to the process of adding new functionalities or modifying existing ones to meet specific needs. ERP customization also involves integrating third-party applications to enhance capabilities and provide a comprehensive solution that meets all business requirements.

ERP customization process also entails detailed business requirements analysis, customization planning, development, testing, deployment, personnel training, and troubleshooting activities during actual implementation. ERP customization may require significant time and cost, depending on the scope of changes and the scale of the business.

The Challenges in ERP Customization

The Challenges in ERP CustomizationThe Challenges in ERP Customization

Cost and Deployment Time

The costs of development ERP customization are often high due to the requirement for experts with a deep understanding of the platform, features of the ERP software, and the business processes of the enterprise to develop customized ERP solutions. The deployment process can be prolonged, causing negative impacts on the daily business operations of the enterprise.

The risk of stability and maintenance

ERP customization can introduce instability into the system, impacting business operations and leading to technical debts. Post-implementation maintenance requires special attention to ensure that the system operates smoothly and efficiently.

The complexity of the ERP customization process

The process of ERP customization is often complex and requires deep knowledge of both the software and the business processes of the enterprise. This complexity can lead to difficulties in identifying and implementing specific customization needs. If ERP customization mismatched the requirements, several potential issues may arise, including:

  • User dissatisfaction: Features that don't accurately reflect requirements or don't perform as expected can lead to user dissatisfaction and reluctance to adopt the system.
  • Unnecessary complexity: Incorrect customization can result in unnecessary complexity within the system, increasing costs and deployment time.
  • Disruption in business processes: Inappropriate customization may cause disruptions in business processes, impacting productivity and the competitiveness of the enterprise.
  • Limited scalability and upgradeability: Incorrect customization can also limit the system's scalability and upgradeability in the future, posing constraints and complications for business growth.
  • Therefore, ensuring effective ERP customization that aligns with the business's needs is crucial for the success of ERP implementation projects.

Facing changes and resisting upgrades

ERP customization can pose challenges when upgrading to newer versions. This is particularly true with the Viindoo system, where we release annual upgrades to improve features and user experience. During upgrades, custom features may also be assessed and upgraded to align with the new version. The more custom features there are, the more time-consuming the upgrade process becomes, leading to potential delays in the upgrade.

Moreover, changes in business needs or technology can reduce the flexibility and adaptability of the system.

The value of ERP customization with Viindoo

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every stage of business development. However, with the modular structure of the Viindoo platform, businesses can fully expand, customize, and add features to meet specific requirements that other software cannot fulfill.

At Viindoo, we have a team of design and development experts who are technology specialists with extensive experience in researching and developing ERP solutions in the Vietnamese market. Our automated robot programming quality control system ensures compatibility and scalability for the future.

ERP customization process
ERP customization process
  • Solving specific management problems for Businesses.
  • Optimally developed features:
    • Derived from understanding and responding to customer needs.
    • Consult in-depth advice from a team of experts.
    • Commitment to quality thanks to the development team with comprehensive knowledge of professional and technical.
    • Ensuring cost savings for business development and operation.
    • Ensuring compatibility with existing functions and possibility to upgrade and expand in the future.
    • Automatic robot quality control system.
  • Ownership of the features belongs to Business.

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There are many situations for Businesses to use feature customization services, for example some of the following: 

  • The default functions of the software do not meet (or not fully meet) the specific needs of the Business and the Business wishes to change those limitations.
  • The software that the Business is using does not meet the needs when the Business grows and develops, but they do not want to convert to other software or redeploy the feature from scratch.
  • The Business needs a qualified and experienced deployment vendor to advise, guide and develop new features to ensure high compatibility and efficiency.

Factors affecting the time of application of new features in Business include:

  • The expertise of the development team must ensure: understanding the needs of the Business, full functional knowledge to develop features to effectively meet the needs of the Business, full technical and technological expertise to develop optimal features and ensure thorough compatibility.
  • Expertise of the coaching and feature training team: Full knowledge of functional and technical, understanding the principle of each feature.
  • Business readiness: All leaders and employees need to fiercely apply new features to their Business.

What if we use the new features that failed?

Viindoo's support team is always ready to accompany businesses to solve problems with the most suitable solution.


ERP customization is not just an option but a crucial factor in helping businesses adapt and thrive in today's business environment. This not only aids in streamlining business processes and enhancing productivity but also fosters flexibility and higher responsiveness to the specific requirements of each organization.

However, customization also poses challenges such as costs, deployment time, stability, and maintenance. To succeed, businesses need meticulous deployment plans, reliable customization partners, and comprehensive training for their staff.

Successful examples from various enterprises have demonstrated that ERP customization brings significant benefits and serves as a valuable tool in improving management and enhancing competitiveness.

ERP Customization with Viindoo: Efficient and Cost-saving
Trịnh Việt Đức April 1, 2024

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