Viindoo solves the problem of Equipment and Materials Management for EVNPMB1

On the morning of December 9, 2022, Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company (Viindoo) signed a contract and kicked off the MEMS Equipment Management Software Implementation Project for the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant Expansion Project, managed by the Power Project Management Board 1 under Vietnam Electricity (EVN). The project demonstrates the capability of Viindoo's Enterprise Management Software to address complex management challenges, even in scenarios involving large-scale operations, multiple concurrent bidding packages, and a vast amount of materials and equipment.​

The problem of managing equipment and materials for hydropower project

After a period of careful analysis of the context and current status of the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant Expansion Project, Viindoo commented: This is a large-scale project with many bidding packages and systems. The system and the work category according to the genealogical structure are closely related. 

With the characteristics of a large number of supplies and equipment and a lot of information and status to be monitored, the manual management of documents and papers in the traditional way certainly cannot meet the management requirements of customers. participating parties. In addition, the project also requires the participation of many parties such as investors, design contractors, transportation contractors, manufacturing contractors, etc., leading to the need for a management system capable of adding multi-party collaboration and connectivity. 

Viindoo Enterprise Management Software - the solution to the difficult problem 

At the office of S5T - the unit that cooperates with Viindoo to implement the material management system for the hydropower project, the representatives of the two sides had the opportunity to exchange, agree on the process and working principles as well as the goals and scope for the project. 

Through the project, Viindoo will coordinate with S5T to build a system to meet the entire project's material and equipment management, leading to successful handover to end users - is EVNPMB1 - including all parties involved in the management of materials and equipment.

The representatives of the parties also agreed on the scope of implementation features for the project's material and equipment management system, including

  • Projects and packages management 
  • Material and equipment management: management of a multi-warehouse system with a list of equipment according to the KKS (Kraftwerk - Kennzeichen - System) identification system of power plants.
  • Design drawings management: systematize drawings, documents according to projects, and bidding packages, integrate contact information to easily exchange and capture information.
  • User management: strictly assign user rights according to functions and tasks, ensuring effective coordination in the project.
  • Extended features: multi-language feature, Mobile App integration, multi-party connection API.

Specifically, the two sides agreed to solve the management problem through the roadmap for implementing the material management system with Viindoo Business Management Software (Viindoo Software):

  • Project preparation, project committee establishment as well as overall and detailed planning for each phase, data collection. 
  • Analyze business, evaluate complexity of features, analyze data & provide solutions.
  • Analyze business, evaluate complexity of features, analyze data & provide solutions.
    Deploy, test (UAT - User Acceptance Test), and adjust as required (if any)
  • Hand over the system, process and put data on the system; training & handling errors and situations arising during user manipulation.
  • Post-implementation supervision, guidance for adjustment and resolution of arising problems.

Complex scale projects such as Material and Equipment Management System - MEMS always place high demands on the implementation team. Believing that with the advantage of experience, expertise and understanding of needs and industry specifics, the cooperation will go well with the most optimal time and cost.

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Viindoo solves the problem of Equipment and Materials Management for EVNPMB1
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Nguyễn Thị Hà Trang October 24, 2023