Nasilkmex: Starting Comprehensive Digital Transformation Journey with Viindoo

With optimal technology solutions and comprehensive digital transformation experience for manufacturing enterprises, Viindoo has become a strategic partner in the digital transformation journey of Nam Dinh Silk Textile Joint Stock Company (Nasilkmex).

After 8 months of engagement, through extensive on-site surveys, clarification of digital transformation goals, and current situation analysis alongside Nasilkmex's BOD today, on June 13, 2024, Nasilkmex and Viindoo officially signed the contract of Digital Transformation Project of Viindoo Enterprise Management Software Implementation. 

Century-old enterprise committed to technology management and innovation

Nasilkmex originated from Nam Dinh Silk Factory established in 1900. In January 2008, the company officially transformed into Nam Dinh Silk Textile Joint Stock Company - a Vietnam Textile and Garment Corporation member. With over 100 years of construction and development through various stages of ups and downs in its history, Nasilkmex has affirmed its stature as a prestigious enterprise, resilient against market changes thanks to determined management and a strong emphasis on technology investment. 

Nasilkmex: Starting Comprehensive Digital Transformation Journey with Viindoo

Nasilkmex currently employs over 500 personnel across 5 factories: 1 spinning mill with a capacity of 1,000 tons/year; 1 wool and cashmere blending and spinning mill with a capacity of 800 tons/year through technology in joint ventures with foreign partners; 1 weaving mill; 1 knitting mill; 1 dyeing mill with its wastewater treatment system.

Nasilkmex: Starting Comprehensive Digital Transformation Journey with Viindoo
Factory of Nasilkmex in Nam Dinh city

With the goal of deeper integration into the global textile and garment supply chain, the company has invested in modern equipment, shifting towards green production and circular manufacturing. 

The next step in Nasilkmex's sustainable development strategy is to enhance management and operational capabilities through digital technology, aiming to improve customer satisfaction and labor productivity, thereby further enhancing the lives of its employees.

The choice of a strategic partner on the digital transformation journey

Nasilkmex's BOD is very clear that transitioning from traditional operating models to technology-based operations is a challenging task for a traditional enterprise. Digital transformation involves more than just purchasing or developing software; it requires deep changes in management architecture, practices, and procedures before technology implementation. 

The decision to participate in the Private Sector Competitiveness Improvement Project (IPSC) is a prudent choice that helps Nasilkmex access a team of experienced Digital Transformation Strategy Experts. Through surveys, consultation, and roadmap development, the Experts have outlined a digital transformation path based on the enterprise's goals and resources.

Nasilkmex: Starting Comprehensive Digital Transformation Journey with Viindoo
Viindoo's team of experts consults a comprehensive digital transformation roadmap for Nasilkmex

Viindoo experts also provided criteria for Nasilkmex to select software solutions and consulting firms that align with the Digital Transformation goals set by the Leadership. The implementation partner needs to have a long-term vision, harmonizing adherence to emerging industrial digital solutions with practical needs, and selecting suitable modules in terms of scale and economic efficiency. The technology solution needs to be holistic, focused, and transparent, ensuring that over 50% of Nasilkmex's management needs are met. Additionally, the solution should be scalable and integrable to fit the company's digital transformation roadmap, expandable and customizable for integrating machinery, third-party applications, or other platforms as needed.

In initial discussions with Viindoo, Mr. Dao Van Phuong - General Director of Nasilkmex, shared that the company has identified technology adoption as an inevitable path forward and has approached many consulting firms and solution providers. However, given the complexities of manufacturing processes in the textile industry, the wide range of products, and long-term orders, readily available software on the market may not immediately meet their needs. The next factor is the "openness" of the solution to allow phased conversion, expansion, and connectivity to meet the recommended Digital Transformation roadmap by the IPSC Strategy Consultants. More importantly, the deployment consulting firm must also be management advisory experts to assist the company's Leadership in restructuring to adapt to digital technology applications. 

Understanding the challenges and concerns of the Leadership, Viindoo's team of experts has supported the IPSC project, conducted detailed enterprise assessments, discussed with the Leadership, and built detailed action plans for the initial phase of the Digital Transformation roadmap, focusing on three objectives:

  • Digitizing and automating enterprise operations with Viindoo Enterprise Management Software for centralized, unified management across the entire enterprise.
  • Training and building a "digital workforce" to master technology.
  • Helping the enterprise strengthen execution, and implement efficient, rapid, and accurate production and business operations through digital technology.
Nasilkmex: Starting Comprehensive Digital Transformation Journey with Viindoo
Mr. Dao Van Phuong - CEO of Nam Dinh Silk Joint Stock Company

Mr. Dao Van Phuong and the Nasilkmex BOD highly appreciate Viindoo's consulting experts for their professionalism and understanding of the Leadership's challenges and concerns that we have not been able to address until now to confidently step into the digital transformation journey.

Also at the contract signing ceremony, Mr. Tran Ngoc Tuan, General Director of Viindoo, shared with established companies like Nasilkmex, that the internal strength from their achievements is a valuable asset of the enterprise. Choosing a suitable digital transformation roadmap, preserving those values, and leveraging technology's strength will contribute to gaining competitive advantages for Nasilkmex to advance further, achieving the goals set in entering the global textile and garment supply chain.

Nasilkmex: Starting Comprehensive Digital Transformation Journey with Viindoo
Nasilkmex and Viindoo at the Contract Signing Ceremony

Immediately after the contract signing ceremony, both parties officially launched the Digital Transformation project, commencing a 10-month journey to apply technology to manage all management activities and 5 production factories of Nasilkmex.

Nasilkmex: Starting Comprehensive Digital Transformation Journey with Viindoo
Nguyễn Phương Dung June 12, 2024