Boost Profitability: Determine Sales Margin with Viindoo

Unlock the potential of your business profitability with a deep dive into sales margin. In this post, we'll explore what sales margin is, why it's crucial for your business success, and how you can optimize it to boost your bottom line with Viindoo Sales Software.

What is Sales Margin?

Sales margin, also known as gross margin, is a key financial metric that measures the profitability of each unit sold. It represents the difference between the revenue generated from sales and the cost of goods sold (COGS) . Understanding your sales margin is essential for evaluating your business's financial health and making informed decisions to improve profitability.

The formula for calculating sales margin is typically represented as:

Sales MarginSales Margin


  • COGS: Cost of goods sold
  • Revenue: Total revenue, the total amount of money earned from selling products or services.

Importance of Sales Margin Analysis

Analyzing your sales margin provides valuable insights into your business's financial performance. By identifying areas of strength and weakness in your pricing strategy, cost management, and product profitability, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations and maximize profits.

How to analyze Sales Margin with Viindoo Sales Software?

With Viindoo Sales Software, you can easily calculate the sales margin of each product and order. Depending on various industries and types of products, Viindoo Sales Software will calculate sales margin based on cost of goods sold accurately and automatically.

Retail Industry:

  • In retail, maintaining a healthy sales margin ensures profitability by covering operating costs, overheads, and ensuring a return on investment. Retailers must price their products to ensure they cover the cost of goods sold (COGS) while remaining competitive in the market. A healthy sales margin enables retailers to sustain operations and reinvest in their businesses.
  • Example: A clothing retailer sells a dress for $50 that costs $30. The sales margin is $20 ($50 - $30).

Manufacturing Industry:

  • Sales margin is vital in manufacturing as it determines the profitability of producing goods.  COGS includes direct costs such as raw materials, labor, and manufacturing overhead. Manufacturers need to ensure that the selling price of their products exceeds the cost of production. By monitoring and optimizing sales margin, manufacturers can improve efficiency, streamline processes, and enhance profitability.
  • Example: A manufacturing company produces widgets for $10 each and sells them for $20. The sales margin per unit is $10.

Wholesale Industry:

  • In wholesale, sales margin influences profitability and competitiveness. Wholesalers buy goods in bulk and sell them to retailers at a markup. Maintaining a favorable sales margin allows wholesalers to cover procurement costs, transportation, storage, and other expenses while generating profits.
  • Example: A wholesale distributor purchases electronics for $500 each and sells them to retailers for $700. The sales margin per unit is $200

Service Industry:

  • In the service sector, sales margin reflects the profitability of delivering services. Service providers must accurately price their services to cover direct costs (such as labor, materials, and overheads) and earn a profit. Monitoring sales margin helps service businesses optimize pricing strategies and ensure sustainable growth. 
  • Example: A consulting firm charges $100 per hour for services that incur direct costs (e.g., labor, materials) of $50 per hour. The sales margin per hour is $50

Sales Margin
Sales Margin in Sale Order

Based on the sales margin for each order and product, Viindoo Sales Software provides sales analysis reports that give you a comprehensive view of business efficiency and enable you to make informed decisions to maximize revenue. Experience Viindoo Sales Software now to achieve the highest level of profitability for your business!

sales margin analysis
Sales Margin Analysis

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Viindoo Sales Margin


Yes. With Viindoo Sales Software, you can easily calculate the sales margin of each product and order based on revenue and cost of goods sold.

To analyze sales margin, you navigate to Sales ‣ Reporting, then choose Dashboard.


Maximizing your sales margin is essential for driving business profitability and sustainable growth. By understanding the factors that influence your sales margin and implementing optimization strategies, you can enhance your bottom line and achieve long-term success. Get started with Viindoo Sales Software today and unlock the full potential of your business profitability!

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Boost Profitability: Determine Sales Margin with Viindoo
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