Manufacturing Scrap: Definition, Measurement, Accounting Treatment

Manufacturing scrap in Viindoo: Auto-generated accounting entries refers to the material or product that is considered unusable or of lower quality during the production process. This article aims to delve into the concept of manufacturing scrap, exploring its definition, when it occurs, how it is calculated, and the accounting treatment associated with it. Additionally, you will gain insights into effective scrap management within Viindoo MRP software for enhanced process optimization.

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What is Manufacturing Scrap?

Manufacturing scrap represents a portion of a product or leftover material that has little or no economic value. It can occur due to various reasons such as errors in production, defects in raw materials, equipment malfunctions, or inefficiencies in the production line.  

Manufacturing scrap in Viindoo: Auto-generated accounting entries

Manufacturing Scrap: A comprehensive understanding

Scrap can take different forms depending on the industry and manufacturing process. In a metal fabrication plant, scrap may consist of leftover metal pieces, while in textile production, it could be damaged or flawed fabric.

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When Does Manufacturing Scrap Occur?

Manufacturing scrap can occur at any stage of the production process. It might arise during the initial stages, such as cutting or shaping raw materials, or at later stages like assembly or finishing. The occurrence of scrap is influenced by several factors, including the complexity of the production process, the quality of inputs, the skill level of workers, and the efficiency of machinery and equipment.

For example, in an automotive manufacturing plant, scrap could arise from misaligned components during the assembly process or from the rejection of substandard parts during quality control inspections. Understanding the points in the production cycle where scrap commonly arises enables manufacturers to identify areas for improvement and implement measures to minimize waste.

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How is Manufacturing Scrap Calculated?

Calculating manufacturing scrap involves measuring the quantity and value of the waste generated during production. This helps manufacturers assess the impact of scrap on their operations and make informed decisions to reduce waste and optimize resource utilization.

The following steps outline a common approach to calculate:

  1. Identify the type of scrap: Differentiate between different types of scrap, such as reworkable and non-reworkable scrap. Reworkable scrap can be salvaged or repaired for use, while non-reworkable scrap is completely unusable.
  2. Quantify scrap quantity: Measure the weight, volume, or count of the scrap material generated during a given period. This could involve weighing the discarded metal pieces or counting the number of defective parts.
  3. Determine scrap rate: Calculate the percentage of scrap generated in relation to the total production output. Divide the quantity of scrap by the total production quantity and multiply by 100 to obtain the scrap rate.
  4. Assess scrap value: Assign a monetary value to the scrap generated. This can be based on the cost of raw materials, the market value of the scrapped items, or an estimation of the loss incurred due to production inefficiencies.

By consistently tracking and analyzing production scrap, businesses gain insights into the effectiveness of their production processes and can implement strategies to reduce waste, enhance quality, and optimize resource allocation.

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Accounting Treatment

Accounting treatment for manufacturing scrap involves recording the scrap generated and its associated costs in the financial statements. The specific accounting practices may vary depending on the applicable accounting standards and the organization's internal policies. However, the following general principles are commonly followed:

  • Classification of scrap: Determine whether the scrap should be recorded as a separate inventory category or as a reduction in the value of raw materials or work-in-progress. This decision depends on factors such as the significance of scrap in relation to overall production and the potential for reuse or resale.
  • Valuation of scrap: Assign a monetary value to the scrap material. This can be done based on the current market value, the estimated salvage value, or the cost of raw materials. Consistency in valuation methods is essential to ensure accurate financial reporting.
  • Journal entries: Record the cost of the scrap, either as an expense or as a reduction in inventory value. If the scrap has a significant monetary value, it may be necessary to create specific general ledger accounts for tracking and reporting purposes.
    • When reclaiming scrap into inventory:
TransactionDebit AccountCredit Account
Reclaim ScrapRaw Materials
Work in Process (WIP)
    • When selling scrap:
TransactionDebit AccountCredit Account
Sell ScrapCash/BanksMiscellaneous Income
TransactionDebit AccountCredit Account
Cost of Goods SoldCos of Good SoldRaw Materials
    • When recognizing scrap as a material loss:
TransactionDebit AccountCredit Account
Scrap lossMiscellaneous Expense
Raw Materials
  • Disclosures: Provide relevant disclosures in the financial statements regarding the accounting treatment adopted for scrap amounts. This ensures transparency and enables stakeholders to understand the impact of scrap on the organization's financial performance.

It is important for businesses to consult with accounting professionals or refer to applicable accounting standards to ensure compliance with regulations and make informed decisions regarding accounting treatment.

Scrap Management within Viindoo MRP

Viindoo MRP provides scrap management functionality to meet basic management needs such as: recording scrap products on manufacturing orders; comprehensive reports on scrap during the production process in customizable pivot tables or charts; auto-generated accounting entries. This enables manufacturers to monitor real-time scrap status throughout the production process, allowing them to quickly identify potential risks and make timely decisions.

Manufacturing scrap in Viindoo: Auto-generated accounting entries

Viindoo MRP records Scrap in every stage of the manufacturing process

Manufacturing scrap in Viindoo: Auto-generated accounting entries

Viindoo MRP Scrap Orders Pivot Report

Manufacturing scrap in Viindoo: Auto-generated accounting entries

Viindoo MRP Scrap Orders Chart

Manufacturing scrap in Viindoo: Auto-generated accounting entries

Viindoo MRP auto-generated accounting entries for manufacturing scrap


Spoilage is any material or good that is considered unacceptable and is discarded or sold for its disposal value.  

Rework is any finished product that must have additional work performed on it before it can be sold.

Scrap is a portion of a product or leftover material that has little or no economic value.

(According to Wiley CMAexcel Learning System Exam Review 2020 Textbook)

Viindoo MRP allows you to record scrap products directly on manufacturing orders for accurate documentation.

Absolutely, Viindoo MRP's intuitive interface makes scrap recording, reporting, and accounting treatment accessible and easy to manage.

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Manufacturing scrap represents waste or lower-quality material generated during the production process. By understanding its definition, causes, calculation methods, and accounting treatment, businesses can effectively manage and reduce scrap, thereby optimizing resource utilization and improving overall profitability. Implementing strategies to minimize scrap not only reduces costs but also enhances product quality and supports sustainable manufacturing practices.

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Manufacturing Scrap: Definition, Measurement, Accounting Treatment
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