What is Microsoft Project? Details of features and service packages​

What is Microsoft project? Microsoft Project is not strange for many people, especially those who work in offices. This is a project management software used by many businesses. Why is Microsoft Project chosen for project management? Should we learn about microsoft project? Viindoo management software answers is in the article below.

What is Microsoft Project?

Microsoft Project is one of the project management applications developed by Microsoft. This task management software helps businesses manage projects, develop plans as well as assign resources to projects.

What is Microsoft Project?
Microsoft Project is an application that supports project management

In addition, using Microsoft Project helps manage budgets, monitor the progress of the operation process, and the number of jobs. Besides, the software plans specific jobs, arranges sequences, estimates resources and duration of activities for each project.

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Features of Microsoft Project

What features that Microsoft project project management encompasses to be widely applied in project management at businesses? Along the process, users will easily find some of the following features:

  • Arrange calendar and track working time;

  • Organize and create project execution plans with Planner;

  • Plan the costs and resources for the project;

  • Assess the ability to plan and make reasonable contingency plans;

  • Help to manage tasks and teams easily with Team;

  • Detect mistakes and learn from work experience.

In addition to the purposes on the MSP teamwork software, there are other important roles that help promote work progress that businesses cannot help but own.

Features of Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project works with outstanding features

Microsoft Project users

Microsoft Project users are not just large enterprises but all small and medium enterprises. Here are a few objects that are recommended to become Microsoft project users:

  • Enterprises carrying out project implementation;

  • Project Managers and team members who want to implement projects methodically and professionally;

  • PMO Department;

  • Professional project planners;

  • The HR department who updates the project progress regularly.

Microsoft Project users
The objects using Microsoft Project are very diverse

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Service packages of Microsoft Project

Currently Microsoft Project software is providing 3 Project service packages.

  • Project 1 Package:

    • Integrate project for the website;

    • Provide some basic project management functions;

    • Allow work flexibly, whether in grid, table, or timeline view.

  • Project 3 Package: Project 3 integrates the functions of Project 1 and some other functions.

    • Maintain a scientific organization and keep a close eye on projects, resources, and teams;

    • Plan the execution of projects, regularly monitor their status, and collaborate with others efficiently and easily from almost anywhere;

    • The Project 3 plan includes the Project for web package, the Project Online package, and the Project Online desktop client.

  • Project 5 Package: Includes all the functionality of the Project 3 and Project 5

    • Allow organizations to prioritize project portfolios;

    • Deliver the expected business value.

Enterprises can refer to the following service price list:

Project 1

Project 2

Project 3

230,000 VND/ person

690,000 VND/ person

1,265,000 VND/ person

How to manage projects with Microsoft Project

To conduct Microsoft Project project management, users need to go through the following 7 steps:

  • Prepare information: You need to have all the necessary information about the project including name, implementer, objective, company name,. ..

  • Set up the information: From the information prepared above, you need to make a schedule, time and work plan,...

  • Resource declaration: You will have to declare all the resources that you need and will use for the project.

  • Create a project: You will conduct data creation, track and monitor the performance of each item, regularly update and modify it through a table. Each table will include 2 areas: the data entry area and the rest. The remaining area will show you the progress and relationship between the items.

  • Update progress regularly: This is an extremely important step. It will help the organization operate smoothly and ensure the implementation goes on schedule. You must include information such as the amount of work completed, the actual completion time, and the actual start and end times.

  • Establish critical path: The path that tells you the progress of a project from start to finish in a visual way. 

  • Print charts and generate reports: Microsoft Project offers a variety of different report templates. However, the software is quite limited in terms of editing capabilities on the available templates. The summary or report printing will normally be done automatically. 

How to manage projects with Microsoft Project
How to manage projects with Microsoft Project

Alternatives to Microsoft Project specifically for Vietnamese businesses

One disadvantage of Microsoft Project is its relatively high cost, especially for domestic enterprises. In Vietnam, businesses can experience Viindoo Project - an optimal project and task management software with full necessary in-depth functions.

Viindoo Project has outstanding features, improved and optimized from experts with more than 10 years of experience in the field of software development and project management. With this software, administrators and project managers can monitor and control project work progress remotely, only on a single platform. Besides, Viindoo Project has modern features such as:

  • Easy, modern user interface, transparent information

  • Intuitive reporting system, easy and fast report setup,

  • Fully integrated with other functions:

    • Timesheets

    • CRM

    • Viindoo Discuss: Enterprise's own internal social network

Moreover, Viindoo Project project management software has a reasonable price and is the best on the market today. With only VND 198,000 a month, businesses can experience all the applications and features of Viindoo Project. 

Viindoo Project - An effective project management solution
Viindoo Project - An effective project management solution

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Plan and track project progress anytime, anywhere with Viindoo Project. Standardize work processes and management processes. 

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Above Viindoo shared with users what is Microsoft Project as well as its features and service packages. Hopefully, the above sharing will help businesses understand and apply MS Project to effectively manage projects. 

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What is Microsoft Project? Details of features and service packages​
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