Top 6 Most Effective School Library Management Software

Library management software is increasingly utilized in schools to assist in library management and arrangement. The modernized software can save a lot of time in organizing documents. Let's learn about the Top 6 most popular school library management software with Viindoo in the article below.

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Why should you use library management software?

Most of the schools used to manage the library manually, i.e. keeping library records on papers. This has caused many difficulties for library management staff, specifically in:

  • Large amount of time and effort;
  • Large human resources;
  • Large expenses to compensate librarians and buy stationery;
  • Frequent updating as the paper is easily damaged over time;
  • Difficulties in finding and checking documents;
  • Difficulties in monitoring and controlling the activities of books issued and returned.

These difficulties place a serious demand for each school to use library management system, as this can manage documents at the library more scientifically and effectively. The benefits and features that library management software yields are:

  • Time saving: Librarians will not need to spend too much time managing books and records. The software offers scanning & bar-coding feature, with which users can easily search for books, journals, or any other material.
  • Convenient management: The software has a built-in feature to notify return date, dues, and fines, thereby avoiding fraud.
  • Quick and efficient operation: All management operations of employees will be stored on the software. Therefore, people can exchange and hand over tasks simply and without being too complicated like the traditional way.
  • Flexible software adaptability: Depending on the characteristics of each school, you can choose custom features to suit and achieve higher management efficiency.
Library management software is designed to support scientific and effective management

Library management software is designed to support scientific and effective management

School library management software has the following salient features:

  • Inventory management feature: With the manual way, it will be very difficult to maintain, organize, and handle countless books and materials. Through this management system, you will be able to issue stock receipts, hence the employees can classify and generate specific reports.
  • Library records: Thanks to the software, staff can manage the number of books issued and returned in the most clear and detailed way. The information recorded on the system specifies member’s name, address, due dates, etc.
  • Loan cards: The software can easily and efficiently create and print reader cards. In addition, the reader's card will have a barcode to facilitate tracking and keeping a tab on members’ information such as return date, dues, and fines.
  • Book Location Management: Most School library management software offers feature to manage the location of each type of books. When you need to find a book, readers can enter keywords like the title of the book and the software will display information about the location of the book (which floor, self, section, etc.)
  • Digital catalogue: Through the software, library management can help teachers and students find books more efficiently. Schools can put books and materials on the software and users can use as their needs.

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Top 6 effective library management software today

Below is a comparison table of the most popular School library management software Viindoo has compiled:

Support on OS
ViindooFree using for one app.
Free trail for 15 days.
Windows, IOS, Android
Project MediaWindows

Viindoo Library inventory management software

Viindoo Library management software is a software used quite commonly today. The software has a simple and easy-to-use user interface. Through the software, users can easily categorize books, assign access rights, and manage book information in a clear and specific way. Some functions of Viindoo library management software are:

  • Book management: This feature helps to closely link detailed information about books, and manage their location in the library. You can also sort books by group, specific model and size to easily control issue time.
  • Clear book traceability: The application integrates two methods of recording of double book-keeping and Lavoisier. The shipping process and quantity, history, and time to borrow and return books are all supported and closely recorded in the software.
  • Optimization in all activities of the library: All processes are done automatically and accurately. Automatic input and book acquisition planning are also available.
  • Multi-dimensional reporting and analysis: Accurate, multi-dimensional and immediate reports are available in real time to provide an overview of the library's operational status.
  • Besides, Viindoo library management software also supports QR code scanning for book titles, which facilitates the search and tracking of books in the library.

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Nano library management application

Nano Library management software is considered the best and most commonly used management software today. The software has many outstanding features and supports the management of all books efficiently and intelligently. These features are:

  • Easy storage and management of all documents and related data
  • Support in finding books and updating information easily.
  • Book status management to keep track of which books are borrowed more.
  • Support in helping staff management and assigning time and specific work to each person.
Nano library management software

Nano library management software

SLIMS library management software

SLIMS Library management software is a popular system among schools, thanks to its high applicability. This system offers integration of many outstanding features in book and material management and storage.

  • User-friendly interface and simple installation process;
  • Support for diverse material management, eventually minimizing the difficulties of traditional management forms;
  • It’s free.
Library management software is designed to support scientific and effective management

SLIMS library management software interface

DTSoft library management software

DTSoft software is smart-designed system that any school should apply for their library management. The software helps to manage the volume of books, categorize titles, genres, publishers to facilitate searching.

  • Manage borrower information through reader card to ensure safety and security;
  • Save time and bring high efficiency.
DTSoft software supports effective and scientific library management

DTSoft software supports effective and scientific library management

Project Media library management application

Library management software Project Media is preferred by many businesses and schools. The software has a lot of features that make the management easier and more convenient. Some typical features of the software:

  • Categories for different audiences;
  • Support to search for books;
  • Detailed management of book names, author names, publisher names;
  • High security;
  • User-friendly and simple interface.
Library management software is designed to support scientific and effective management

Project Media software is preferred by many people

Libol Library management software 

Libol Library management software is famous for its quality and outstanding features but at a very reasonable cost. Many large libraries have used this software to manage thanks to outstanding features of Libol such as:

  • Book management in detail, making it convenient for tracking the number of books issued, returned and the number of books left in the library;
  • Clear and specific classification of books for easy management;
Libol software with many outstanding features attracts users

Libol software with many outstanding features attracts users

In the above article, Viindoo has provided to you 6 Library management software. Each software has its own advantages and limitations, but all of them support library management in the most modern and scientific way. Hopefully, the above sharing will help schools choose useful management software.

Top 6 Most Effective School Library Management Software
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