Top 6 Kindergarten Management System you Should know

Kindergarten management system is an indispensable tool to create the ideal education environment for children. However, as there are many different management systems on the market, schools will sometimes not know which solution is the most suitable. Let's learn some of the best systems available today with Viindoo software in this article.

Kindergarten management system Viindoo

Kindergarten education management system Viindoo uses cloud computing to build and manage the school's training activities in a digital form. Besides, this school management software also allows users to transfer documents in many different formats, creating favorable conditions for teachers and students to exchange information in the learning process.

Kindergarten management system

Viindoo software uses cloud computing to build and manage school activities

Another useful feature of Viindoo software is the ability to create and store questionnaires for teachers to use to check students’ previous knowledge. This system also integrates the function of assessing students based on pre-established criteria. 

Some other strengths of Viindoo software are:

  • One platform to control and manage all school activities;
  • Availability for different educational systems and different scales at an appropriate price;
  • Informational and automatic emails from teachers to parents
  • Multi-dimensional reporting function to communicate and jointly manage the school more effectively.


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Mona eLMS Kindergarten education management system

Mona eLMS is an application with features that can meet the unique needs of any kindergarten. The greatest benefit of this software is its ability to shorten the communication gap between schools and parents and between teachers and children. In addition, the software also allows the parties to update information continuously with each other.

Some other outstanding features of the Mona eLMS application are:

  • Electronic contact books for parents to directly monitor their children's activities.
  • Direct message exchange between parents and teachers to capture the process of children having fun and activities in class.
  • Other typical features such as curriculum management, lesson plan management, children's health management, etc.
  • Availability on website platform for easy installation on any device.
Kindergarten management system

Mona eLMS helps shorten the communication gap between schools and parents.

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KidsOnline preschool management software system

KidsOnline software is a school management application, especially for the finance aspect. It also helps schools and parents interact with each other more easily. Some of the outstanding advantages of this software are:

  • Compatibility with all digital devices and easy-to-use interface for both teachers and parents;
  • Multi-way communication feature between the school, parents and teachers to update information as quickly as possible;
  • Assistance for teachers in managing classroom activities and interacting with parents.
Kindergarten management system KidsOnline Software

KidsOnline Software

PMS Kindergarten management system

PMS software optimizes the management of children's learning and playing, thanks to a comprehensively developed system. In addition, the application also supports schools to build nutritious meals for children, which eventually helps save time for the school and the teachers.

  • Integration on the notification system for the school, the Department and the Ministry of Education, hence ensuring the quality of the school's child rearing.
  • A calculation system to build a daily menu for children.
PMS software helps schools to build nutritious meals for children.

PMS software helps schools to build nutritious meals for children.

BimBon preschool management software

BimBom kindergarten management software is integrated with a modern technology system that simplifies the management of children's learning and playing activities. The software not only helps users manage student meals and schedules, but can also assist with financial management, and personnel and parent interaction. Some other outstanding features of this app are:

  • Friendly interface, simple and easy to use;
  • Multiple features, including management, marketing and data collection;
  • Appropriate learning and play program.
BimBon Software

BimBon Software 

Kidsoft preschool management software

Kidsoft is highly appreciated by many preschool facilities because this software focuses mainly on raising children. The application has all the necessary features to support the development of a nutritious daily menu for children and manage the health of students. Some of the advantages of this application are:

  • Full features to manage facilities, personnel, revenue, expenditure and student health;
  • Simple interface, easy to use for both schools and parents;
  • Aggregation of food data and cost of ingredients.
The Kidsoft app is highly regarded for its primary focus on nurturing children.

The Kidsoft app is highly regarded for its primary focus on nurturing children.

The above article has provided some information of some kindergarten management software systems. Viindoo hopes that your school can choose an appropriate application for school management and child rearing. 

Top 6 Kindergarten Management System you Should know
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