7 Effective Farm Management Software You Should Use

Farm management software is a good choice for business people. The software helps business owners solve issues about inventory, liabilities, costs, etc. as well as evaluate business performance. In this article, Viindoo software will provide businesses with outstanding software lately.

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Difficulties offarm supplies stores without software

Farm supplies field can have a stable revenue because the competition is not too high at the moment. However, businesses are still facing obstacles during the operation and struggle in calculating revenue and expenditure. The common difficulties of farm supplies stores are:

  • Difficulty in managing inventory and goods: Product lines are diverse. Without the farm management app, businesses can easily make mistakes while tracking each product quantity. This can negatively affect revenue and costs.
  • Confusion and shortcomings in debt management: The main customers here are farmers. Their incomes are extremely seasonal, thus, they are uncertain to make one-time payments. Therefore, high accounts receivable can cause difficulty in bookkeeping.
  • Lack of accuracy in management and evaluation of business performance: Wrong determination of costs and revenue can lead to miscalculation of profits. This also means stores can not accurately assess supplier quality to plan the next product import.
farm management software

Stores face difficulty in the stock count when not using software

Benefits of farm supplies stores without software

Farm management software is no longer a strange term in the agricultural industry nowadays. However, people may not know all the benefits of the software. Viindoo provides here several benefits to know.

Support businesses to manage goods

Agriculture software helps businesses conveniently manage goods. Store owners can create a list of products with details about prices and quantities. They can also make different price lists for wholesale and retail customers. Employees can easily sell goods without support from the store owner.

Support to manage revenue

The software automatically updates business revenue from sales. Therefore, business owners can easily manage revenue. In addition, the software provides general reports on profits and revenue for businesses to grasp the store’s status.

farm management software

The software can automatically update the sales revenue of the business

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Help manage debts from customers and suppliers

When using the farm management app, business owners can save more time in taking notes and reviewing data. The software also helps record debts from customers and suppliers based on invoices. When debts are paid, employees can make receipts to clear the debt on the system.

Farm management software

The software helps business owners manage debts

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Manage inventory

With the help of agriculture software, businesses can conveniently manage warehouses. The software automatically updates inventory quantity when products are sold. In addition, businesses can create entry slips for goods imported into the system for an accurate update of good quantity.

Farm management software

The software supports inventory management.

Top 7 farm management software

Currently, there are many existing farm management software. Each software will have outstanding features to support businesses. Here are the top 7 trusted software.


Support platform

Outstanding features

Viindoo Sales - Farm management software


Manage sales, speed up order processing.

KiotViet sales management software

 Android, IOS

Manage customer information.

Sapo Sales management software


Manage debts scientifically.

Mekong agriculture software.


 Replace Excel files, reduce mistakes, and help arrange goods.

Toan Cau farm management app


Help manage employees and easily grant access.

TinhTien sales management software


Manage goods more conveniently

Mosa sales tracking application

Android, IOS

Clearly present all management functions.

Viindoo Sales - Farm management software

Viindoo Sales is one of the optimal sales management software these days. Outstanding features of this software are scientific sales management, quick order processing, good customer care, flexible access at any time and anywhere, etc.

Viindoo farm management software

Viindoo Sales is a highly-recommended software

Viindoo software can easily integrate with other applications such as stock management software, accounting, etc. This allows effective management of agricultural equipment sold.

KiotViet - Farm management app

KiotViet meets the requirements of stores in managing the transactions of agricultural equipment. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, business owners can easily manage the sales process as well as check the inventory quantity and product information.

farm management software

KiotViet satisfies the requirements of agricultural supplies stores.

This software can connect with devices such as printers, computers, barcode scanners, etc. This brings convenience for selling and entering information.

Outstanding features:  

  • Conveniently manage inventory quantity and selling price.
  • Easily manage debts from customers and suppliers.
  • Closely track revenue.

Sapo - Sales management app

Sapo is a well-known vendor providing sales management software. Sapo Pos brings useful solutions for stores to manage the entire sales process, avoiding errors in goods import, sales, and inventory management.

farm management software

Sapo Pos offers a solution for sales process management of stores

The application also has a friendly interface and is continuously improved. Besides, the price of Sapo Pos is reasonable, from 160,000-249,000 VND/month.

Outstanding features:

  • Help effective inventory management.
  • Support selling goods and checking the price of each item.
  • Manage debt, revenue, and expenses conveniently. 

Mekongsoft - Agriculture software

Mekongsoft is the recommended farm management software. It has an interface design similar to Excel but provides more outstanding features such as profit management, goods arrangement, reporting statistics, controlling orders, etc.

farm management software

Mekongsoft is a quality sales management software.

Besides, business owners can customize the interface to fit the business model. Several advantages of Mekongsoft are providing outstanding features, replacing Excel files, and supporting diverse platforms for more traffic, etc. 

Outstanding Features:

  • Manage profits. 
  • Support goods arrangement.
  • Track orders sold.

Toan Cau - Farm management app

Toan Cau specializes in selling cash registers and printing bills for businesses. The company has also expanded to the agricultural supplies area. Toan Cau software is perfect for businesses wanting to apply technology to the entire sales management process.

farm management software

Global is an effective sales management application.

Dominant features:

  • Manage sales.
  • Manage inventory. 
  • Manage revenue and expenses.
  • Manage the number of employees. 

TinhTien - Sales management software

Tinhtien is an agriculture software used by many business owners. The application owns a flexible and easy-to-use interface, supports the management of the entire sales process, helps easily track inventory and calculate debts, etc.

farm management software

Tinhtien is a trustworthy software.

Outstanding features:

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Debt calculation.
  • Inventory management.
  • Sales process management.

Mosa - Sales tracking app

Mosa is an outstanding application for sales management. With a simple and easy-to-use design, Mosa is suitable for a wide range of customers, including those who are not tech-savvy. Business owners using the software can complete management work quickly.

farm management software

Mosa is an outstanding application for the sales management process.

Outstanding features:

  • Import and export detailed invoices, saving time.
  • Conduct selling operations quickly.
  • Own a simple interface design.


Yes, farm management software can be customized to meet the specific needs of different types of farms, such as crop farms, livestock farms, dairy farms, poultry farms, or mixed farms. The software can adapt to the unique requirements of each operation.

Yes, farm management software enables farmers to manage their inventory of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other inputs. It tracks usage, alerts when supplies are low, and provides insights into input costs for better financial planning.

Can farm management software integrate with agricultural machinery and equipment?

Yes, farm management software can integrate with machinery and equipment through IoT devices or manual data entry. This allows farmers to track equipment usage, maintenance schedules, fuel consumption, and performance data for optimized machinery management.

The above article Viindoo has introduced to readers the top 7 trustworthy farm management software. Each application will have its own unique advantages. Therefore, readers need to consider carefully before choosing solutions for effective use. 

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7 Effective Farm Management Software You Should Use
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