Goods sales contract 2024 and automatic management

Below is the latest 2024 goods purchase contract and detailed instructions on how to use Viindoo software to manage Purchase Contracts.

Commodity trading contract is one of the contracts used to exchange products or services between the seller and the buyer. Below are the latest 2024 sales contract samples for your reference. At the same time, Viindoo will guide you in detail how to use the software to create purchase contracts and automate management work.

Content required in the goods purchase and sale contract form

Before creating a goods purchase and sale contract, your business needs to clearly understand the required content in the contract form. According to Vietnamese commercial law, goods sales contracts do not stipulate mandatory content in a normal sales contract. However, the content of a goods purchase contract is mainly based on the agreement between the two parties, expressing the rights and obligations of the two parties in the contractual relationship. Therefore, the contract form will include terms related to the subject, quality, price, payment method, deadline and delivery location.

Goods purchase and sale contracts are being applied today

Contract for the sale of goods in commerce: In a contract for the sale of commercial goods, the seller transfers ownership of the goods to the buyer, and the buyer has the obligation to pay the seller.

commodity trading contracts

Sample commercial goods purchase and sale contract (Source: Internet)

Contracts for the sale of personal goods: Contracts for the sale of personal goods include goods defined as real estate, including real estate that has not yet been formed.

Sample contract for purchase and sale of goods

Sample contract for purchase and sale of personal goods (Source: Internet)

International goods sales contract: An agreement between merchants with business headquarters in different countries. One party plays the role of exporter, responsible for delivery, the other party plays the role of importer, will receive goods and make payment.

commodity trading contracts

Sample international goods sales contract (Source: Internet)

Principle contract for purchase and sale of goods: Contract records specific agreements related to the purchase and sale of goods.

Sample contract for purchase and sale of goods

Sample contract for purchase and sale of goods (Source: Internet)

Automatically create Purchase Contracts with templates available on Viindoo software

Viindoo Purchase software helps businesses manage information and purchase history from suppliers, track and manage order delivery status automatically. In particular, with the Purchase Contract Setup and Management feature, businesses can easily create purchase contracts with available templates (Comply with state standards) and manage single purchase contracts. simple.

  • Invitation to bid: Form of sending a request for quotation for an item to many suppliers at the same time to select the best supplier with optimal cost.
  • General Purchase Order: A form of long-term agreement between a company and a supplier to deliver products periodically at a predetermined price. This feature applies to units that often have to buy the same item from the same supplier in different quantities, helping to save time during the ordering and appraisal process.

Instructions for activating the Purchase Contract feature with Viindoo Purchase

Note: To follow the instructions in the article, you need to install: Purchase Management Software

Enable feature

To activate the purchase agreement function, go to Purchase, select Configuration -> Setup.

In the Purchase section, select Purchase Contract and click Save.

General settings

Go to Purchase - Configuration - Purchase Request Type.

The interface displays two default options: General Purchase Order and Invitation to Bid.

Accessing a Purchase Request type will have the information as shown below:

Once the purchase type has been selected, everything is ready to initiate a Purchase Agreement.

Additional settings: Multi-Warehouse Access Control - Purchase contract

Above, Viindoo has introduced to you information about commodity trading contracts. Hopefully through this article you will have more understanding and knowledge about these contract forms!

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Goods sales contract 2024 and automatic management