11 mẫu checklist công việc hàng ngày cho cá nhân, đội, dự án

The application of the sample daily work checklist help users make the most of their time as well as ensure that important tasks are always completed during the day. In this article,Vindoo Here are 11 basic daily task checklist templates to help you start a successful working day. Follow this post now!

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1. Simple daily task checklist template

Sample daily task checklist simple very useful and easy to use, is a How to effectively manage work. This template can help you organize your work and make sure nothing is left out. File checklists also allow users to be customized to fit their individual needs and goals.

Download now: HERE.

The most basic daily task checklist template.The most basic daily task checklist template.

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2. Sample checklist according to Gantt chart

A Gantt chart checklist template is a useful tool for managing and tracking the progress of daily tasks. Gantt Diagram very easy to build, suitable for simple and less overlapping jobs.

Download now: HERE.

Sample checklist based on Gantt chart.Sample checklist based on Gantt chart.

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3. Task checklist form for tracking by priority

Task checklist form Priority tracking is a useful tool for task management and organization. Using priorities helps you identify and prioritize tasks that are important and need to be completed first.

Download now: HERE.

Sample task checklist by priority.Sample task checklist by priority.

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4. Checklist to track the team's work

This is a useful tool to manage and ensure the work schedule is completed on time. Checklist helps the team organize work systematically and prepare in advance. This checklist also helps to clearly define what needs to be done, specific goals and expected progress.

Download now: HERE.

Checklist to track team work.Checklist to track team work.

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5. Checklist to manage the project's work

This checklist includes all the important tasks, assignments, tasks, and activities in the project. This checklist ensures nothing is missed and all important aspects must be considered.

Download now: HERE.

Checklist to manage the project's workChecklist to manage the project's work

6. Sample checklist and track completion of work

CThe checklist keeps track of the completion of work to help organize the work in a clear and systematic way. By listing the tasks that need to be completed, you can make sure you don't miss anything important and keep track of your progress.

Download now: HERE.

Sample checklist and track completion of workSample checklist and track completion of work

7. Checklist to track weekly work

The Checklist template should state the specific tasks you need to complete that week. This helps you stay focused and know what needs to be done. An effective weekly work tracking checklist will help you organize and manage your work more quickly and scientifically.

Download now: HERE.

Checklist to track weekly work.Checklist to track weekly work.

8. Restaurant job checklist template

Sample restaurant job checklist help employees fully and accurately perform assigned tasks during the shift, minimizing errors. The following,Vindoo would like to introduce a sample shift work checklist for restaurant staff that you can refer to and apply.

Download now: HERE.

Restaurant job checklist template.Restaurant job checklist template.

9. Sample job checklist to welcome new employees

Using a new employee onboarding checklist can help businesses convert excellent candidates into successful and sustainable employees. Here is a sample job checklist to welcome new employees. Businesses can customize to suit the needs of their company or department.

Sample checklist to prepare to welcome new employeesSample checklist to prepare to welcome new employees.

10. Sample checklist to prepare for meetings

This is one of the sample office work checklist Used most often in companies and businesses. This template helps ensure full preparation without missing anything important for the meeting. The checklist template below has an easy-to-understand structure, full of necessary information.

Download now: HERE.

Sample checklist to prepare for meetings.Sample checklist to prepare for meetings.

11. Checklist of events for businesses

Below is a sample work checklist to use when organizing an event for a business. Note, however, that each event may have its own requirements, so each business can tailor this checklist to fit their specific needs.

Download now: HERE.

Checklist of events in the business.Checklist of events in the business.

Thus, if you apply the checklist and Gantt chart at the same time in work management, businesses will be able to create a structured and clear workflow. Thereby, easily creating a premise for success in every business project.

Understanding this convenience,Vindoo provides Viindoo Project software system with both simple and easy-to-use Gantt chart and task checklist utilities. Work planning through Viindoo Project will help businesses track accurate and timely progress on just one system.

Viindoo Project software has some outstanding advantages as follows:

  • Modern user interface through data visualization charts.
  • Flexibility to follow up and track work progress.
  • Working collaboratively, dividing work transparently between departments.
  • Report overview, reduce the workload of administrators and employees.

Currently, Viindoo implementing a free program using 1 software. Please contact the hotline immediately for advice.

Viindoo Project is the ultimate task management solutionViindoo Project is the ultimate task management solution

Through the above article, Viindoo 11 has been fully compiled sample daily work checklist commonly used today. Thank you readers for reading this article. Please share this useful information immediately if you find it useful.

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