Control your work time  
Keep track of and manage your smart timesheet, personal or team project progression in anywhere, on anytime, on any devices. 


Personal management

The system allows you to update your work-time or time-off, follow up the to-do list and rearrange the schedule to optimize your performance.


Group management

Grid format allows managers to follow the progress completion to each employee, and can give a relatively prediction of productivity.                    

analyze-the -statistic-data

Provide the progression and productivity analysis

The application updates project deadlines if integrated with the Project module. User can use that information to analyze the progress and compare it to the practical time.

Based on the real working time, Viindoo can help you to calculate the profit and evaluate each project performance.

Report in various forms

The work time data is collected, displayed on Timesheet in various  report  formats, giving you an overview about your schedule in particular and company schedule in general.


Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications

Project management  

Update the project progress, make comparison with the real operation time, calculate the cost and profit.


Assign the staff to suitable tasks, efficiently allocate the resources.                                 


Timely and precisely manage your revenue, cost and profit with the absolute precision.       


Monitor work time, automatically calculate each employee salary based on productivity.

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