Project management interface 

Projects are shown in many reports, schedules, interactive charts, give user an overview about every activities under objective perspective .


Need and resource predictions 

Project progress is fully updated on the dashboard and linked with OKR. Future plans are based on previous predictions and the operation result can be paired with consuming time for profit calculating purpose .


Visualized information

The project with the help of interactive software is more flexible, can be split into smaller tasks, and assigns them to suitable groups of staff.

Every stage is listed in Kanban format, charts, schedules, or pivot with customizable features. This will make personal tasks simpler but the more efficient total project .

Discuss and share

Connect a group of staff with a chatbox integrated with smart filters, notes and file attachment feature. All are build on ONE interface only, and can work well on any electronic devices .


Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications


Manage your price quotations, invoices, stock and customer payments.


Track all customer response, operate sell process from leads and chances.


Record and manage work time, automatically calculate project cost.


Create a professional invoice in ONE click and receive customer payment faster.

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