Simplified  interface -  Efficient  data

Simplified interface allows you to optimize customer experience. Conduct negotiations directly on quotations, process online payment with digital signature or credit card, etc… Every data contains logicality that users can easily understand.


Professional sales

Quotation Template

Various of Quotation template. Visualization poduct list. Easy sales order creation.

Send Quotation

Send quotation to customer's email, convinient conversation on the interface of sales order.

Close Deals

Minimize time and increase the win rate thanks to the system's convenience and optimization.

Get Paid Faster

Integrated payment link on sales orders with various of payment options.


Build and Manage Sales Promotion Programs

Build and Manage Pricelist, Voucher, Promotion Program effectively from data of CRM. You can attract more customer, expand your business and gain good reputation for your brand.

Sales automation

Integrated and automatic function help increase the work accuracy and performance, optimize customer experience while ensure the substantial development of revenue and order profit margin.

From quotation to sales order
Just ONE click or digital signatures for customer to confirm order on website.

Efficient management
Monitor tasks in the timesheet, materials and expenditure. Then, you can issue an invoice for customer.

Customer - centric
Provide self-management interface for your customers to monitor and control their business, help increasing the transparent, uniformity and pleasure in every collaboration tasks.

Online signatures and payments
We can help you complete payments from all methods. Optimize payment progress for quick and precise accounting

Optimized Sales management


Supervise your sales staff

Depend on your business format, you can establish, distribute staffs to and manage your sales groups.                          


Set up the revenue target

Set up the KPIs for each individual is the proper way to manage your sales staff's performance.


Income management

Management and Analystics inteface is customized in each management level. The data is accurate and  updated in real time.

  Fully integrated with other Viindoo EOS applications


Create automatic invoices from sales orders, keep the customer's contacts.       


Follow the chances and leads, and also improve your sales pipeline.  


Provide stock data, trigger replenish orders when necessary.


Design, manage the product pages, boost the sales number with SEO tools. 

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