(No.: VIIN.AFF.POL.28122023)

Welcome to Viindoo Affiliate Program.

Before joining the Program, please refer to our Affiliate Policy below.

1. Definitions

1.1. Viindoo means Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, duly establish and operating lawfully according to Enterprise Registration Certificate No. 0201994665 issued by Haiphong Department of Planning and Investment; based at 6th Floor, Taiyo Building, No. 97 Bach Dang Str., Ha Ly Ward, Hong Bang District, Haiphong, Vietnam; and is the legal entity that owns the website

1.2. Affiliate means any individual or enterprise or organisation that joins in the Viindoo Affiliate Program.

1.3. Affiliate Program is the model to promote Viindoo’s products and services in wich Affiliate attracts users to visit Viindoo’s website and buy Viindoo’s products and services via marketing channels. Henceforth, Affiliate will get commission for every Successful Orders.

1.4. Affiliate Link means the Link of the Affiliate. When signing up for an Affiliate account on, Affiliate will be provided with a separate link to distinguish from others. All links listed in the Affiliate Links section of the Affiliate's account will be considered Affiliate Link.

1.5. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. This is a type of Internet-based marketing that involves researching and using many different marketing methods to put an individual/business' website in the desired position in search results on the Internet.

1.6. Click means the act of clicking on the Affiliate Link that leads to the Viindoo website.

1.7. View means the number that is incremented each time the web page is loaded as the user clicks on the Affiliate Link.

1.8. Visit means the act of clicking on the Affiliate Link and loading the entire content of the site or going to other pages on the Viindoo website with no more changes until exiting the website. Each visit can have more than one pageview, depending on User activity.

1.9. User means the person that clicks on the Affiliate Link to Viindoo website and has interactions and experiences of Viindoo's products and services on the website.

1.10. Successful Order means Order with paid invoice.

1.11. Advertising Content includes all images, articles, videos, links, products and service information of Viindoo that Affiliate has during their participation in this program.

2. Scope of work for Affiliate

2.1. Sign up to be Viindoo’s Affiliate with sufficient, accurate and truthful information.

2.2. Share Affiliate Link that introduces Viindoo’s products and services on website on social media networks and other websites.

2.3. Introduce customers to learn and buy products and services of Viindoo.

3. Rights and obligations of Affiliate

3.1. Get commission from Visit to Affiliate Link and Successful Order

a. In accordance with this policy, for each Successful Order from the Affiliate Link that the Affiliate introduces, the commission received is calcualated as follows:

b. If an Affiliate wishes to enjoy lifetime commissions for each Viindoo SaaS Service order, they should register to become a Viindoo Partner.

c. In the event of simultaneous participation in both this policy and the Viindoo Partner Program, you will only receive commissions for the Viindoo SaaS Service according to the Viindoo Partner Program. Viindoo does not pay commissions combined under both policies.

3.2. Cookie Policy

a. To understand what cookie is, please refer to Viindoo's Privacy Policy.

b. Cookie record time is 60 days for all Affiliate Links.

c. The User can click on Affiliate's Affiliate Link and then, in another session, return to the site directly via a bookmark or enter directly into the search box on browsers. Referral information from the first session is retained for 60 days. In this case:

  • When a User creates an order on the website, the Affiliate code from the Affiliate Link will be recorded in the order. The Affiliate will receive commission if the order is successful.
  • After 60 days, if the User directly accesses the Viindoo website, the Affiliate code is no longer valid.

3.3. Sharing and Advertising Policy

Viindoo encourages Affiliate to carry out their own campaigns to increase Visits to Affiliate Links shared by Affiliates. However, Affiliate needs to comply with some of the following terms of sharing and advertising:

a. It is strictly forbidden to create and/or maintain social media accounts, websites, groups, etc., which may be falsely recognized as Viindoo. It is not allowed to copy brand images, logos as well as images, graphics, designs, content, etc. of Viindoo.

  • For example, using brand name, or the misspelled and abbreviated of Viindoo's brand name, or using Viindoo's logo.

b. Violation of SEM brand name is strictly prohibited: The act of promoting brand keyword "Viindoo'' affects the brand and causes damage to Viindoo. The details are as follow:

  • Advertise Viindoo brand keywords on search engines (Google Adwords, Coc Coc, Bing, etc.);
  • Or use brand variations or keywords that contain the Viindoo brand.

c. It is strictly forbidden to share and advertise on the channels of Viindoo, or of Viindoo's competitors. The details are as follow:

  • Use Affiliate Link to post website information through comments and reviews on Viindoo's official media channels (post comments, app reviews, etc.) The official communication channels of Viindoo include website,,, fanpage Viindoo, fanpage Viindooer, fanpage Viindoo Recruitment, fanpage ERPOnline, linkedIn Viindoo, etc.
  • Use Affiliate Link or Viindoo's information to advertise on forums, groups, websites, social networking sites, etc. of Viindoo’s competitors (posts, comments, etc.).

d. It is strictly forbidden to provide false and incomplete information to reach the User.

  • For example, Affiliate deliberately provides insufficient or exaggerating information about Viindoo's products and services to attract Users to click on the Affiliate Link.

e. It is strictly forbidden to share and advertise information on pages with harmful content, violating social ethics and breaking the law, causing damage to Viindoo.

  • For example, Affiliate shares and advertises Affiliate Link in banned gambling and betting pages.

f. Affiliate is prohibited from modifying the advertising content without Viindoo's approval.

g. Affiliate is to be solely responsible for the legitimacy of the advertising content of Viindoo's products and services; Affiliate does not violate, directly or indirectly, the laws of advertising and/or 3rd party intellectual property.

3.4. Affiliate Commission Payment

a. On the first day of each month, Viindoo will summarize the commission amount that Affiliates are entitled to from Successful Orders in the preceding month as the basis for payment. Viindoo disburses commission payments to Affiliates regularly on the 15th of each month.

b. Commission payment conditions

  • The commission of the Affiliate must reach a minimum threshold of 900,000 VND at the time of the summary mentioned above.
  • In the event that an Affiliate's commission does not meet this threshold, it will be accumulated and paid in the following months.

c. Viindoo is responsible for deducting applicable taxes from each Commission Payment withdrawn, as per Vietnamese law, before disbursing it to the Partner. Additionally, Viindoo will provide the Partner with tax deduction documents upon request, sent to the email address: 

3.5. Account confirmation

a. Affiliate is responsible for the confidentiality of account information and passwords to access the website

b. For Affiliate who receives payment for the first time, the following procedures are required:

  • Provide full authentication information, including:
For individuals
  • Latest portrait photo taken within 6 months.
  • Citizen identity card, Temporary Resident Card (both sides), Personal Identification Number, Passport, or equivalent document.
  • Bank account information.
  • Personal tax identification number (if applicable).
For organizations and businesses
  • Certificate of establishment, Business registration certificate, or equivalent document.
  • Bank account information.
  • Tax identification number.
  • Affiliate undertakes to Viindoo that he/she will be provide the accurate information and responsible for that. If Viindoo detects any falsified information, Viindoo reserves the right to appropriate actions, including law enforcement.

c. Each Affiliate should have only one Affiliate account to orderly manage their account and accumulate more Clicks. Viindoo will regularly review account’s information at any time. Viindoo will lock/deactivate account if there is any sense of falsification (e.g. Citizen ID card carries the name of A, but the Bank account carries the name of B; or Affiliate account has the same information that already exists on the system, etc.)

4. Rights and obligations of Viindoo

4.1. Viindoo is responsible for approving and paying the Affiliate the amount of a valid payment requested by the Affiliate within 5 days from the date of creating the payment request.

4.2. Viindoo reserves the right to change the Affiliate’s commission rate from time to time.

4.3. Viindoo reserves the right to suspend commission payment when detecting any violation to the brand, reputation, information security and interests of Viindoo; or when discovering that the information provided by the Affiliate is inaccurate and untruthful; or when knowing that the Affiliate commits violations of Vietnamese laws.

4.4. In case there are evidence affirming that the Affiliate has committed a violation, Viindoo has the right to unilaterally disable the account and keep all the money collected by the Affiliate via email notification, without any compensation.

4.5. Viindoo commits and implements the confidentiality of information provided by Affiliate in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

5. Effectiveness and Termination

5.1. This Affiliate Policy is numbered VIIN.AFF.POL.28122023, issued on December 28, 2023, at Viindoo's headquarters and is effective on the same date.

5.2. This Affiliate Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of Vietnam.

5.3. The update and adjustment of the Affiliate Policy will be officially notified by Viindoo via email to the Affiliate within 5 working days, before the time of official application and publicity on the website

5.4. When terminating partnership, Viindoo will lock the account, agree on the amount in the account and pay the Affiliate. Affiliate needs to ensure:

  • remove all Advertising Content from the their social media sites and online platforms;
  • remove all individual records of Advertising Content;
  • commits not to perform slanderous, fabricated acts about the terminated partnership to intentionally smear and affect the image, reputation and honor of Viindoo.

5.5. Any questions and complaints arising or related to the partnership will be prioritized to be resolved by negotiation. In case the conciliation is unsuccessful, each Party has the right to initiate a lawsuit and request the People's Court in Hai Phong to settle in accordance with laws. All expenses related to the process of settling the case of the winning Party (including but not limited to: court fees, administrative fees; hiring fees for solicitor, barrister; costs for implementation procedures for information verification, evidence collection, other damages incurred by the winning Party; ...) shall be paid by the losing Party.

5.6. By registering as a Affiliate, you acknowledge your understanding and compliance with all provisions of this Policy.

Website is owned and operated by Viindoo./.

Last Update: 28/12/2023.