Terms of Purchase on Viindoo Marketplace 

(No.: VIIN.PUR.CON.060922)

You agree that you have read and understood the provisions of the Terms of Purchase on Vindoo Marketplace (the “ Terms of Purchase ”) and the policies below.

Selecting “ Pay now ” will establish a legal agreement between You and Viindoo. If you don't agree with any terms, please do not access/use these features or use any part of the features.


Unless otherwise stated, the definitions and interpretations set forth herein apply uniformly to this Terms of Purchase.

1.1. Viindoo Marketplace or called “Marketplace": This is a platform developed and operated by Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, serving the distribution of applications and modules integrated with Odoo Software and/or Viindoo Enterprise Management Software (hereinafter collectively referred to as “App”). Customers can search, buy, and download App on this platform through the following link: https://viindoo.com/apps.

1.2. Viindoo: Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company (international transaction name: Viindoo Technology JSC.,); was legally established and operated under the Enterprises Registration Certificate No. 0201994665 issued by Hai Phong Department of Planning and Investment; Head office: 6th floor, Taiyo Building, No. 97 Bach Dang, Ha Ly Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City; responsible for distributing the Application on the Viindoo Marketplace.

1.3. Sales Order: Is an App purchase order on the Marketplace that has been successfully paid.


Viindoo strictly complies with the law on consumer information security. Please refer to the Privacy Policy to better understand how Viindoo protects the information you provide during purchases at Viindoo Marketplace.


3.1. All Apps are committed to warranty within 3 (three) months from the date of the Sales Order. 

3.2. You can submit a warranty claim (as detailed as possible) to the Viindoo Helpdesk system at https://viindoo.com/ticket.


For the App are licensed to You by the third party that own such App, not by Viindoo, You are encouraged to read carefully the license terms published to App for having better understanding about Yours rights and obligations. By purchasing App, You agree that Viindoo shall not be liable in any copyrights/intellectual property rights related/arised to these Apps in the course of using.


5.1. The Sales Order could be paid following to the suitable payment methods specified in the Viindoo Payment and Refund Policy. 

5.2. Please read the terms before using the payment service because the transaction may incur a service fee depending on each intermediary payment service vendor.


6.1. Refund process

a. All your refund complaints/ requests will be handled on Viindoo Helpdesk system at https://viindoo.com/ticket (Request).

b. Any Request will be deemed to be valid if created during the warranty period according to Section 3.1.

c. Request is required to attach proof of the problems of App(s) that You have encountered.

d. Viindoo is responsible for solving Request within 15 (fifteen) days from the creation date of Request. Viindoo will provide an explanation in the event of refusal.

e. For Customers who are Vietnamese businesses, within 7 (seven) days from the date of the refund receipt, the Customer is obliged to issue a debit note and send it to Viindoo via email: 

6.2. Refund conditions

Request will be approved when one of the following occurs: 

a. The issue has not been fixed within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of submitting the technical support inquiry;

b. App used in practice does not have enough features as described on the Marketplace;

c. App cannot be installed, or integrated with the Odoo Software and/or Viindoo Enterprise Management Software as described on the Marketplace;

d. The license issued with App does not comply with international conventions and Vietnamese laws on software licenses;

e. Sales Order is paid by stolen bank card/account information (need to attach proof/confirmation from the bank).

6.3. Reject the refund

You will not be refunded if in one of the following cases:

a. App does not meet the needs, that was not described on the Marketplace;

b. Requirements for adding new features are beyond the scope of the description on the Marketplace;

c. App’s bug have been handled within the allotted period in Section 6.1 above;

d. App operates stably but does not satisfy your requirements for the actual demand;

e. App cannot be installed due to a conflict with one or more applications from a party other than Odoo/Viindoo;

f. You bought the wrong version of the App or the wrong App.

6.4. Refund method

Viindoo refunds by transfer according to the bank account information provided by You. Viindoo disclaim all responsibility in case of the refund failure due to the bank information given is incorrect.

6.5. Undertake after refund

a. After Request is approved, You undertake to immediately stop further use of App and delete all App's archives/copies with its attached source code.

b. You are fully responsible before the law in case any problems arise related to the storage and use of App after being refunded.


7.1. Independence between terms

Each provision of this Terms of Purchase is separate and separable. In the event that one or more provisions of the Terms of Purchase are considered to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected or reduce the current Terms of Purchase.

7.2. Applicable law

This Terms of Purchase are interpreted and governed by the laws of Vietnam. Any dispute, claim, or disagreement of any kind arising out of or relating to this Terms of Purchase against or concerning Viindoo or any party participating in the use of services on the Marketplace will be resolved at competent People's Court in Hai Phong (Vietnam) in accordance with current Vietnamese laws.

7.3. Entire agreement

a. Viindoo reserves the right to adjust, amend and supplement the Terms of Purchase to suit actual operations and/or legal regulations by posting the amendment/ supplementation/on the Marketplace.

b. The revised/modified/supplemented policy will take effect 5 (five) days from the date posted on the Marketplace. You continue to purchase Apps on the Marketplace when the amendments/ modifications/ additions of this Terms of Purchase are posted, which means You agree to comply with the amendment/supplementation.

7.4. Effectiveness

 This Terms of Purchase is effective on 06/09/2022./.