Please read our Refund Policy carefully before purchasing any product.

      All of our Products & Services, including The Integrated Business Management Software Viindoo, the Educating and Training Service on using Viindoo, the Consulting and Deploying Service, the service of Customizing and Developing features on-demand, the Apps and Subscription plans published on the and websites, provide the Customer a variety of choices. We are improving and developing our Products & Services to meet the demands of the Customer. 

      Viindoo always aims for the Customer’s satisfaction when using our Products and Services. Nevertheless, if you want to get refunded for any transaction, we are at your service. 

      Conditions and Scope of refund

      The refund policy is applied to all of our Products & Services with the following conditions:

      1. You have 14 days since the date of payment to send a refund request.
      2. Only the refund requests sent to this email address: email viindoo are validated.
      3. To the wallet balance that has been deposited to use Viindoo service: are available to be refunded if you notify us to end the subscription and delete all of your accounts.
      4. The license of the Products & Services is invalid.
      5. The Products & Services are working improperly or lack the functions mentioned in the description.
      6. The Products & Services are not installed on the version mentioned in the description.
      7. The Products & Services contain bugs that belong to Viindoo's responsibility, while Viindoo couldn't fix them in time.
      8. The subscriptions of the Products & Services are charged hourly and have been paid in advance: Within 1 year from the order date, the remaining amount is valid to be refunded.

      Refund method

       Please send your refund request to this email address: email viindoo with the following syntax:

      • Email title: Refund request_[Customer's name]/[Account name on]

              For example: Refund request_John Doe or Refund

      • Email content:
        • Please provide us the detailed information as much as you can, for example:
        • Your full name, phone/mobile number

        • Sales order details 

        • Payment information: the due date, payment amount, liabilities,...

        • Receiver information: The account number, bank, account holder’s name, or the data of the used payment methods such as Nganluong or PayPal wallets.

        • Please state clearly and sincerely the reasons for your refund request.

      Notice for Customers

      • A small fee for your refund could be incurred from the banks or the intermediary payment service providers.
      • Your refund request is usually handled within 1 to 3 working days (excluding the national holidays). 
      • With the validated refund request that a tax invoice has been issued, Viindoo would refund the Customer after we receive the signed record of the “invoice withdrawal report" from the Customer.
      • The date that your refund is paid to your bank account depends on the bank service and your geographical location.

      Last Modified Date: March 01, 2021.