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     Article 1: Definition, Scope, and Object of application

Most of the personal information we collect is directly provided by our users when they register and use our services. Other information is collected by recording interactions with our services.

    1. Viindoo: is a system of Total Integrated Enterprise and Business Organization Management Software, provide online, accessed, and used by web browsers through the Internet connection in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service), paid according to usage time and computing resources are allocated through Viindoo website with internet address at (hereby known as 

    2. Viindoo Products: are the products and/or services, paid or free, listed on the Pricing webpage, hereby known as the products of Viindoo.

    3. Customers: are individuals or legal entities that use the products of Viindoo.

    4. "Vendor" or "Viindoo": is Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, as the legal owner of website and also the developer of Viindoo solution, which has:

        • International business name: Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company; 

        • Head office address: 6th Floor, Taiyo Building, No. 97 Bach Dang, Ha Ly Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City;

        • Business Registration License: No. 0201994665 - issued by Hai Phong Department of Planning and Investment.

    5. Viindoo Terms of Service (hereby known as "Terms of Service") (hereby known as Terms of Service): is a contract between Customers and Viindoo, applied on the condition of customers using one or many products of Viindoo .

    6. Technical Terms:

      1. The second-level domain (SLD or 2LD): is the domain that has the format:, supplied to Customer by Viindoo and will be revoked by Viindoo when Customers stop using the products of Viindoo associated with this domain; while the (unique) name ‘company’ is chosen when the Customers sign up for the subscription of the products of Viindoo .

      2. Customer domain: is the domain that belongs to the Customer, linked to Viindoo Product, allowing Customer and their partners to use Viindoo by accessing this domain. For example, instead of having to access and use Viindoo through domain, Customer can access and Viindoo thtough, of which is the Customer's custom domain.

      3. Maximum Storage Capacity: is the maximum capacity of data storage calculated in Gigabyte (GB) which is allocated to Customer to use according to the chosen products. The used storage is calculated by the total capacity of Customer's uploaded data.

      4. Maximum User Capacity: if Customer use Viindoo , the maximum user capacity is the limit number of users that can be created on the Customer's Viindoo instance. 

      5. Connection Secure: is a security medium by encoding the data transferred between Viindoo and the Customer's browser with Secure Socket Layer.

      6. Administrator Account: is the account with the highest authority on the Customer's Viindoo system. This account would be granted to the Customers when they start to use the products of Viindoo.

      7. Standard Modules: are the integrated modules on Viindoo and could be installed into Viindoo by the Customers.

      8. Customized Modules: are the modules that are NOT integrated into Viindoo. 

      9. Add-ons: are the extra resources that could be bought along with the base plans of Viindoo. These resources are Bandwidth and/or Storage Capacity and/or Users.

    7. Terms of Payment:

      1. Payment period: is the period by months (01 month, 03 months, 06 months, 12 months, 24 months), used to calculate the amount that Customers must pay Viindoo:

        • Payment amount = Unit Price * Number of months of the Payment period

        • The payment period of a Viindoo product is determined by the Customer's choice in the subscription.

      2. Actual payment date: is the first day of a payment period.  

      3. First actual payment date: is the first day of the first payment period.  

      4. First expected payment date: for example, the first actual payment date of a Customer is 20/05/2013. The expected payment date in this situation is the 20th day of each month.

      5. Next expected payment date: is the closest expected date of payment in the future. 

        For example, the expected payment date is the 20th day of each month. If the current date is 16/05/2013, then the next expected payment date is 20/05/2013. If the current date is 21/05/2013, then the next expected payment date is 20/06/2013.

    8. Using Viindoo: means that the Customer agrees to all the regulations and articles on this Terms of Service.

    9. Modification: Viindoo can modify the content of this Terms of Service anytime. To any Customers using Viindoo, Viindoo is responsible for announcing these modifications at least 14 days before the validation date. At the validation date, if Viindoo does NOT receive any objection from the Customers, this means the Customers agree with these modifications by default.

    10. Service Suspension: Customers can unilaterally stop using the Viindoo if they disagree with the modification of the new Terms of Service.

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      Article 2: Modes of service supply

Viindoo, through website, provides the Products of Viindoo to Customer in the same method described on the Pricing Pricing of website, including:

    1. A second-level domain as described in Article 1, Clause 6(a) of this Terms of Service is provided to Customer to access their Viindoo.

    2. If Customer uses their private Domain Name through which to access Viindoo, Viindoo will provide technical support so that customers can successfully access and use Viindoo through their domain name.

    3. Storage capacity compatible with the chosen Products of Viindoo is provided to Customer

    4. An Administrator Account with full rights is provided to Customer in their Viindoo.

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Article 3: Payment

    1. Payment methods: the payment could be completed using one of the following payment methods: 

      1. Online payment via Paypal, Ngan Luong 

      2. Payment via bank transfer

      3. Direct payment by cash at Viindoo headquarter during office hour (Monday - Friday and Saturday morning, 08:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00, except for national holidays. See more details on Viindoo Payment Policy

    2. Payment term: Customer is responsible for paying Viindoo at a time not later than the actual payment date specified in Article 1, Clause 7(b) with the amount equal to the total amount payable for a Payment cycle.

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Article 4: Rights and Obligations of Customers

    1. For Viindoo that Customer has registered and activated, Customer have a full right to install additional modules to suit their needs, which may include the modules customized and developed by Customer developed or a third party, as long as Customer is legally permitted to use those module(s).

    2. Customer has access to   Q&A Forum  to request technical support or assistance for implementing and customizing Viindoo system to suit their needs. Customers is also encouraged to use Q&A Forum to share their successful experiences during Viindoo implementation.

    3. Depending on the Viindoo Product selected by Customer, Customer will receive support from Viindoo as described in Article 1, Clause 2 of this Agreement.

    4. Customer can request Viindoo to fix software errors in case of detecting errors occurring during use and costs incurred due to fixing these errors will be fully borne by Viindoo.

    5. Customer has the right to make a refund request in accordance with Viindoo's current Refund Policy.

    6. Custom Modules developed by Customer or a third party must be submitted to Viindoo for quality control approval before being activated for use with Customer's Viindoo system.

    7. Customer is responsible and obliged to protect their account passwords on Viindoo system, especially the Administrator Accounts to ensure the data security for Customer's Viindoo system.

    8. If Customer provides their Viindoo account password to the Viindoo Technical Support Staff, Customer is responsible for changing the password as soon as the technical support is complete.

    9. Customers fully bear the risks and losses caused by the failure to secure their own data if the reason is that the customer discloses the password to access their Viindoo system.

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Article 5: Rights and Obligations of Viindoo

    1. Viindoo reserves the right to unilaterally suspend the provision of Viindoo to Customer in the event of late payment.

    2. Viindoo reserves the right to unilaterally suspend the provision of Viindoo and permanently delete all Customer data to free up resources if Customer's payment to Viindoo is 30 days late.

    3. Viindoo is obliged to protect the safety and security of Customer's data by all means and capabilities.

    4. Viindoo is obliged to maintain the continuity and stability of Viindoo system by all means and capabilities. The total suspension period must not exceed 12 days / year and not exceed 03 days/month. If not force majeure (as specified in Article 6 of this Agreement), Viindoo is not allowed to suspend service for any reason on Monday to Saturday of the week.

    5. Viindoo is responsible for handling software errors that Customer reports within 48 (forty-eight) hours of receiving an error message from Customer. 

    6. Viindoo, within no more than 30 (thirty) days, is responsible for testing and approving custom modules sent by Customer and activating custom modules for Customer's Viindoo system if these modules meets Viindoo's quality standards.

    7. Viindoo, in any event, without Customer's permission, is not permitted to disclose or provide Customer information to a third party, except for the cases specified in Article 5 of the Privacy Policy.

    8. Viindoo has the right to adjust the subscription price according to the market price and publish directly on website In case the customer has prepaid the subscription fee for several periods, the subscription rate will not change during the subscription period that the customer has paid.

      For existing customers, Viindoo commits not to increase the price by more than 10% of the contract value/year.

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Article 6: Force majeure

Viindoo reserves the right to immunity from liability in the following force majeure:

    1. Earthquakes, natural disasters, floods, fires, wars, etc. occur at the same time in all geographical locations containing the operating servers of Viindoo and

    2. Unforeseen situations that cause Viindoo to stop working or work incorrectly, including but not limited to: unexplained mysterious phenomena, cracking attacks, or during maintenance, system repairs and remediation, etc.

    3. Internet system is malfunctioning and not working properly..

    4. Serious bugs are detected, may affect Customer's Viindoo and need to be fixed as soon as possible.

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Article 7: Litigation and Arbitration

In the event of a dispute between the Customer and Viindoo, the two parties are committed to resolving in good faith, in the spirit of beneficial for both parties. If the settlement fails, the two parties agree to take the case to the Civil Court of Hai Phong City for arbitration. All court costs will be borne by the losing party.

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Article 8: Agreement Validity

This Viindoo Terms of Service is numbered version 1.0.0, issued on October 1, 2020 at Viindoo Headquarters and takes effect immediately.

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If you have are any question regarding this Privacy Policy, or any enquiry about your personal data,please reach out to the Viindoo Helpdesk


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