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What is Viindoo? 

Viindoo là giải pháp quản trị Doanh nghiệp tổng thể, tiếp sức cho sự phát triển bền vững của Doanh nghiệp.

Viindoo not only contains ERP + CRM, but also solves other challenges of the Digital Transformation era (Customer-centric, Ecommerce, Omnichannel, Social Network Integration, Email Marketing, etc. )

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A Solution for Every Need

Start with these simple applications. Expand anytime.

Total Management

Synchronize and integrate data from all departments with a standard and centralized process.

Online Platform

Work anywhere, any time without any installation.

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Flexible Scalability

Expand easily as your business grow.

Wise investment                     

A reasonable cost for all type of budget.

Viindoo - A Trustworthy Partner of Enterprises

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with Enterprises 

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