Convey the spirit of OKR

Focus on the most important value

Replace the apposition with consent

Utilise all resources to achieve the target

Decentralize your business

Help each individual to realize their contribution to the final accomplishment

Build up a good culture: every data are collected from quantification    

Transparent information

Allow employees to track other’s progression, therefore increase the responsibility and working motivation .


Progression and results are timely updated    

The progression of achieving a target and the key result are automatically updated in real time by Viindoo. The succession rate in the final is the sum of weighted results. The managers can use these data to keep up with OKR progression. 

OKR is deeply linked to Project management module

Viindoo allows users to create projects and tasks controlled by OKR, record the data and log the timesheet for each individual OKR. You can also split a project into smaller tasks to assign them to each member of the project group .


Group - personal OKRs deeply connect to the company OKR

The Company OKR is built from two sides: top-down and bottom-up. The targeting chart would show up an overview of the large project and help each individual to understand their position, responsibilities and assigned tasks in the progress.


  Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications

Project Management             

Analyze the tasks, manage the forecast, staffs and project progression.

Human Resources

Assign tasks to each employee and follow up the working performance.


Manage the worktime to automatically calculate the total cost of the project.

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