MRP dashboard interface


Automate your manufacturing process

Automatic plan

Manufacturing plan is built precisely based on real-time data of production time. The plan also can be easily customize to be suitable to the real condition.

Automatic checking on stock

When an order is requested, the system will check the inventory for materials. If the amount doesn't meet the requirement, purchase orders are then automatically issued .

Take initiative on stocking materials

When the demand rises, the system automatically keeps the inventory in good condition and get ready to produce more goods .

Flexible total data

Real-time updated data  

Production activities are fully and precisely recorded in real-time. From your headquarter, you can manage the performance and productivity of the whole process. You can also identify the problems, quickly find a solution and adjust your production plan.

Interactive total report

The data of the cost, the number of production requests, amount of final product, production time, comparison to the plan and appliance productivity are visualized in ONE report. Therefore, managers can have an overview of the general condition and then make right decisions for their business development .


Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications


Manage appliances and maintenance schedule to keep up with the production progress.

Purchase management    

Automatically create purchase orders to buy raw materials based on minimum stock data. 


Reinforce supply orders when necessary to meet the progress requirement.   


Timely manage your revenue, cost and profit with the absolute precision.   

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