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    This guide provides instructions on how to purchase and download apps/modules from Viindoo Apps store at

    Purchase apps/modules from Apps Store

    Step 1: Find the apps/modules you need

    Go to our homepage and select Apps Store on the footer website, or go directly to the following link:

    Footer website

    Step 2: Select the apps in Viindoo Apps Store

    Select the apps in Viindoo Apps Store

    Step 3: Add to cart

    Select Add to cart button. Dependencies are automatically added to cart.

    add to cart

    Step 4: Process Checkout

    • Review your order with information on the apps and the price. Select Process checkout when you have chosen the apps you need.

    Process Checkout

    • Fill in your address or log into your account. Select Next. Select Back if you want to review your order again.

    Fill in your address

    Note: Name, Email, Phone number, Address, City, and Country arrays are required.

    • Choose your preferred payment method.

    Choose your preferred payment method

    • Once you have fulfilled your payment, the system will confirm your order. Then you have successfully purchased the apps.


    Note: After you have completed the payment, the system needs to confirm the transaction status and generate an invoice.

    Download the apps/modules you have purchased

    Step 1: Go to Viindoo website, and log in with your portal account which you have already signed up for.


    Note: If you don’t have an account, you can register a user account on our website with the email you used for the purchase. 

    Step 2: After you have logged in, go to the dropdown section, select My Account, then select My Purchased Apps.



    Step 3: On each app/module, select Download.


    Once downloaded, your apps/modules will be compressed (zipped) on your devices. 

    Note: The system might need a few minutes to download the apps/modules to your devices. Please be patient with this.

    We hope that this guide can help you purchase and download apps/modules faster and more efficiently.