What is E-office? A new outstanding trend​

E-Office is an office management model with modern technology that is interested in many businesses. The model helps the business operation process become smooth and increases productivity. To learn more about this model, please read the Viindoo article below.

What is E-office?

E-office is a business model that applies a modern technology platform to optimize processes, allocate work, and store information and documents on a digital platform. Today the "paperless office” model is becoming popular gradually replacing the traditional office form.


E-office is a modern office model that applies technology to management

Basically, this concept is used for a pre-programmed system on a computer that helps people monitor and manage office tasks. Components in this model will vary, depending on the type of business. Therefore, E-Office software will be programmed and designed to meet the particular needs of the business before operating.

Compare traditional office and E-office

Besides the level of technology application, the traditional office model and E-Office have many other distinctive differences. The following table describes this in detail

Old management
E - office
Information is transmitted through many levels. Therefore it is easy to get misled and subordinates misunderstand the boss.
Superiors set up direct notifications to all recipients, so they can ensure the accuracy of information.
Sporadic management makes data not centralized, difficult to find, misleading
Data is classified and centrally stored on a single platform.
Documents are manually managed, and paper documents do not guarantee security.
Data is digitized, with high-security thanks to the authorization feature objects to be accessed.
The work management is not effective, uniform
Work is managed and assigned on a single software system
Time-consuming and error-prone when calculating manually in Excel.Data is aggregated and updated automatically, and publicly on the application.

Outstanding benefits of E-office for businesses

Besides the development of technology, there must be many other reasons leading to the trend of using E-Office software. Here are the specific benefits of E-office.

Reduce hidden costs

As can be seen, the outbreak of Covid - 19 not only affects human health but also causes many difficulties for businesses. Even after Covid - 19, revenue and profit are still unsolved problems for many businesses. At this point, the reduction of "hidden costs“ no matter will be the top priority for organizations.

E-Office software

E-Office software application helps to cut hidden costs

Many businesses will save costs by changing their management model. The E-Office software will help businesses eliminate "excess" costs such as papers, ink, storage equipment, timekeeper repair fees, etc. In particular, according to estimates, the cost of using this software in 1 year is less than 1-time investment in timekeeping.

Optimizing work processing time

When businesses use fingerprint timekeeping, data will be manually exported through an Excel table. At this time, the traditional salary calculation process often has some problems as follows:

  • It takes a lot of time to compile detailed information about employees' attendance such as late arrival, early leave, time-off overtime, etc.
  • Accountants face pressure and difficulty when calculating according to different salary regimes for different departments and positions.
  • The review and complaint process is cumbersome, consumes a lot of human resources, and slows down the progress and performance of specialized departments.

Optimize job processing time thanks to E-Office

Meanwhile, with E-Office software, this problem will be solved quickly, and efficiently, with fewer errors. This tool is equipped with an automatic salary calculation mechanism with publicly and transparently updated data on the system. From there, all departments can easily monitor, reflect and have complaints resolved quickly, reducing pressure on specialized departments.

Standardization of business processes

In fact, it is not only enterprises that have differences in the standards of documents, and reports, but this also occurs between departments in an enterprise. When businesses apply the E-Office model, standard forms for each department will be built and set up on the system.

As a result, employees can easily work according to each available step in a standard and complete way. Because when the business process is standardized, each step is set up with certain conditions. Therefore, the user can only move on to the next step in the workflow, when the given conditions are fully met.


E-Office software helps standardize business processes

When the process has been standardized, the troubles arising in the working process, causing backlog, and wasting resources will be eliminated. At the same time, this also helps businesses reduce the cost and time of training new employees. Because employees in the team only need to follow the process set up on the system to do it themselves correctly, methodically, and synchronously.

Open up smart data storage space

In fact, it is not only enterprises that have differences in the standards of documents, and reports, but this also occurs between departments in an enterprise. When businesses apply the E-Office model, standard forms for each department will be built and set up on the system.

Some businesses choose to store information on Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc. However, the data is not centralized due to the different storage habits of each person. Furthermore, these forms contain potential risks such as loss and leakage of important documents.

Viindoo E-Office is an effective alternative with smart and unlimited storage space. The solution suite brings comprehensive and secure solutions to businesses through an online storage system.

E-Office software

Viindoo E-Office opens up a centralized document planning and storage space for your business.

All business data related to customers, partners, personnel records, and internal training documents are digitized and stored on a cloud computing platform with strict access rights. Therefore, employees with specific access rights and positions can access the system, look up documents, and use data through any Internet-connected devices.

Operate, manage, and track work progress on a single platform

Viindoo E-Office solution is considered an effective right-hand for managers to keep track of all activities regardless of time and place.

On smart devices such as tablets or mobile devices, managers can capture work progress and existing problems to immediately make appropriate adjustment plans. The application of E-office also helps to reduce manual work stages that take a lot of time and effort such as reviewing documents and reporting work progress. Therefore, Viindoo E-Office helps to solve the bottlenecks in business operations and processes faster than ever.

Make plans and manage projects, track progresses, detect bottlenecks timely on a single software.

Prioritize security factors with E-Office

Information security is considered a vital factor for many businesses. In addition to storage capacity, businesses also care about information security to minimize internal information leakage or customer information theft.


Viindoo E-Office supports transparent data planning and decentralized authorization by department and level.

Viindoo E-Office is operated with high security along with a continuous maintenance system. This optimally secures business information. Viindoo E-Office stores data on different servers regardless of location and has fast backup and restore capability. Thereby, the solution completely avoids all risks of hardware problems.

Viindoo E-office - Comprehensive e-office trend for businesses

Mention the E-Office software, the business certainly cannot be ignored Viindoo E-office system. This is considered an important piece of Viindoo Enterprise Management Software. Viindoo E-office will help businesses connect parts in the same system, streamline processes and optimize the efficiency of business steps. It is thanks to some features such as:

  • Digitize the entire business management and operation.
  • Create a professional demeanor and credibility for partners and customers.
  • Build a proactive, responsible business culture, creating collaborative and cohesive working habits for each employee.
E-Office software

Viindoo E-Office - Important link in Viindoo Business Management Software

Besides, the application of Viindoo E-Office software also brings businesses many benefits such as

  • Plan effectively planning of resources and resources of the business including equipment, facilities, and meeting rooms,...
  • Reduce office costs such as printing and record keeping,...
  • Save time aggregating and searching for information.
  • Synchronize internal regulations and announcements by transmitting through a single channel.
  • Allow leaders to work, and monitor progress remotely.
  • Keep up with the trend of Digital Transformation.

Software price: With only 198,000 VND/month, customers can own this superior software. This is a fairly reasonable price and is suitable for Vietnamese businesses, including small and medium enterprises.

In addition, users will get a 15-day free trial before signing up for a paid plan. Especially when you sign up for Viindoo E-office, customers are allowed to use all management tools in the ecosystem Viindoo.

As can be seen, the E-Office model not only helps businesses save costs, standardize processes, and optimize efficiency but also matches the trend of digital transformation worldwide. Hopefully, with the above useful information, Viindoo helped businesses have the most detailed view of this office model.

What is E-office? A new outstanding trend​
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