The best way to apply digital transformation in businesses

The application of digital transformation in businesses is becoming mainstream in this era thanks to its helpful values far beyond the available traditional values. To learn about the application of digital transformation in businesses, follow the following article of Viindoo.

How to apply digital transformation in businesses in each field

Applying digital transformation in the sales model

Technology tools to analyze data throughout the sales process, helping businesses connect touch points and optimize the customer experience. This helps businesses build and maintain relationships with customers more effectively. Since then, the business operations of the enterprise become more efficient. Revenue and profit also increased markedly.

Digital transformation application in human resource management

Thanks to the application of digital transformation, human resource management costs are significantly optimized. Along with that, digital transformation makes business data analysis more efficient, administrators can make accurate decisions to help improve HR operating processes and employee satisfaction.

The application of digital transformation in businesses
Enterprise digital transformation applications are deployed in almost all fields

Digital transformation applications in the manufacturing sector

Digital transformation helps businesses' production processes to be optimized. Supply chain operations also become efficient and fast, bringing more value to businesses. The source of input materials is also strictly controlled, minimizing risks for businesses.

Applying digital transformation in the financial sector

In the financial sector, digital transformation helps businesses' accounting departments operate more efficiently by automating processes and improving security. Business data is also quickly updated in real-time to help businesses clearly understand the operation situation.

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TOP 3 successful digital conversion application companies

NETFLIX – Technology and entertainment industry

NETFLIX is a unit that provides movie viewing services on a global scale that is not uncommon today. This is also one of the companies that have achieved great success when applying digital transformation to their business activities.

In 2007, NETFLIX made a bold decision to apply the internet to its business model, starting the digital transformation of businesses. The company has applied cloud technology in creating an online movie environment with millions of movies worldwide. This digital transformation has been carried out continuously to this day, making NETFLIX one of the world's leading internet movie service providers.

The application of digital transformation in businessesNetflix

Adobe – Software Industry

Adobe is a well-known name in the field of providing software around the world. The company owns a lot of software that is already familiar to global users such as Adobe Photoshop, and Audition,... The company's digital transformation started in 2008. This is a time when the company has been shaken by many shocks. the severe impact of the world economic recession. At that time, Adobe decided to apply cloud technology to the company's business.

Thanks to this bold decision, Adobe has made remarkable progress. The company's market share is expanding rapidly. The company's revenue grew strongly, reaching a record of 12.87 billion USD in 2020. Adobe's stock price has also tripled since the decision to go digital.

Fujifilm – The Imaging Industry

Fujifilm is no longer a strange name in the imaging industry. The company's head office is located in Tokyo city, Japan. Fujifilm's main business is photography and film production. As a result, the company was heavily influenced by the growing wave of digital camera adoption in 2010. This is the main reason for the company's decision to go digital.

Fujifilm's business digital transformation application started with cutting down on old devices that are no longer working effectively. Instead, the company decided to invest heavily in digital such as LCD screens, memory cards, digital storage.

Fujifilm's digital transformation also helps the company expand its business into healthcare. Thanks to the effective use of digital technology, the company has launched a series of products that bring high efficiency to customers such as medical diagnostic devices, LCD panels,...

The application of digital transformation in businessesFujifilm

TOP 7 leading digital conversion applications today

Digital conversion software application

Currently, many administrators are applying digital transformation software to manage their businesses. These softwares will help digitize the information and data of businesses. As a result, managers can easily control information and thereby make the most appropriate plan and decision.

Viindoo is the leading comprehensive digital transformation software for businesses today. This is a solution applied to businesses to realize the desire for digital transformation to optimize production and business processes.

The application of digital transformation in businesses

Viindoo is software built on the cloud platform in the form of SaaS. With Viindoo, all barriers preventing businesses from conducting digital transformation such as high costs, unqualified personnel, no technology application, etc. are no longer a problem causing difficulties. Viindoo helps businesses solve all those difficulties so that the digitization process is made more smoothly.

Some advantages of using Viindoo software:

  • Allows flexible application with all business models of enterprises.
  • The cost of use is consistent with the operating budget of the business.
  • Help businesses save time with a team of experts to support system operation.
  • Optimize business performance, and integrate multiple functions into a single application.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the exploitation of servers on the internet environment to store, analyze, secure, and analyze data. Cloud computing is a digital transformation solution that helps businesses optimize business processes, increase performance, and increase revenue and profit.

The application of digital transformation in businesses

Using AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning (ML) are widely used transformation solutions today. AI and Machine Learning applied to business models will help businesses solve many outstanding problems. AI and ML make business data analysis faster and more efficient. As a result, managers make more accurate decisions.

The application of digital transformation in businesses

Robotic Process Automation - RPA

Another well-known and widely used enterprise digital transformation application is RPA - robotic process automation. RPA helps businesses tackle time-consuming manual processes by automating repetitive tasks. As a result, businesses save a lot of time, costs, and improve operational efficiency.

The application of digital transformation in businesses

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are a widely used digital transformation trend. Mobile applications help businesses reach more target customers, marketing campaigns are also made more effective. Moreover, mobile applications are also useful tools for businesses to increase revenue, and profit, and improve customer experience.

Internet of Things (IOT)

IoT is a famous digital transformation application for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data between physical objects through the Internet. With IoT, the process of collecting, analyzing, and processing data is made more efficient. In addition, thanks to IoT, business efficiency increases, customer experience is enhanced. From there, businesses have more competitive advantages in the market.

The application of digital transformation in businesses

AR . Technology

AR is a digital transformation application that has been widely applied in recent times. It is a technology that uses screens, effects, and sounds from a computer system to enhance the real-world user experience. With AR, business productivity is optimized, customer experience is significantly increased, sales volume is also increased.

The application of digital transformation in businesses

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The application of digital transformation in businesses has become a trend in the current era. Enterprises need to capture enough information to carry out digital transformation and stand firm in the volatile market. For any questions related to number conversion, please contact Viindoo via hotline +84 225 730 9838 for answers.

The best way to apply digital transformation in businesses
Nguyễn Phương Dung 3 February, 2023

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