Top 11 Digital Transformation Trend lately

Digital transformation trend is updating every day. This requires every business to have the ability to adapt quickly to new situations for more advantages. What are the best trends in digital transformation that businesses should be aware of? Let's find the answer in the article by Viindoo below.

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What is digital conversion?

Digital transformation can be understood as the application of advances in digital technology such as cloud computing (cloud), Big data, ... into the activities of organizations and businesses to bring efficiency. high, promoting revenue growth and brand recognition. Digital transformation is not simply about changing the way of working from manual to applying technology to reduce labor. Digital transformation plays a role in changing business thinking, the way businesses and organizations operate.

Actual situation of digital transformation trend in Vietnam

Currently, digital transformation is a strong development trend in Vietnam and is an urgent issue of special concern to the Government and the State. This process is pervading all areas of life. From small businesses to large corporations, all are interested in and investing in information technology to improve business processes, improve product and service quality, and enhance trustworthiness. customers' trust in their brand.

Industries, especially the manufacturing industry, are moving from traditional manufacturing to more modern production technologies such as automation, robotics, and IoT (Internet of Things). Many businesses are also shifting from traditional business to online business model with building websites, applications and other e-commerce channels to reach more customers.

Actual situation of digital transformation trend in VietnamActual situation of digital transformation trend in Vietnam

Top 11 digital transformation trends in Vietnam and the world

Low-code Platforms

Low-code platform (Low-code) is a non-specialist programming tool used by many businesses for software building. The Low-code platform provides a graphical user interface with drag-and-drop features. From there, users can build a complete application without having to write complex code.

In recent years, low-code platforms have grown more and more due to the increased demand for software but the shortage of programmers. Users are showing favor to these platforms because of their convenience and advantages in terms of cost, time, and low risk. For example, there are some cases where it is advisable to use a low-code platform such as:

  • Quick prototyping
  • New business product development
  • Quick project implementation
digital transformation trend

The low-code platform is among the best digital transformation trends in Vietnam and the world

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Distributed Cloud Architecture

Experts say that distributed cloud is a new generation of innovation of "cloud computing". This is an innovation that will bring more benefits to businesses including utilizing the public cloud with more scalability and flexibility, improving cloud manageability, easier complying with localization regulations, and more.

The highlight of the distributed cloud is the management of cloud deployment in many different locations. Those locations include cloud providers, other cloud providers' data centers, and third-party data centers.

It can be said that the distributed cloud is a noticeable digital transformation trend lately. This trend will certainly guarantee convenient connection to internal data anytime, anywhere. Therefore, businesses can quickly update on changes.

digital transformation trends

Distributed cloud is on trend

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Adopting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a crucial digital transformation trend these days.

AI helps businesses make analyses and more effective business decisions by providing information about customers' behaviors, desires, and demographic characteristics. On the other hand, Machine Learning supports businesses to use collected data to create personalized experiences for every customer.

digital transformation trend

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

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Intelligent Search with AI

Intelligent search with AI is built by adopting modern AI technology, enabling accurate search results and personalized user experience.

This digital transformation trend combines various technologies such as machine learning, semantic search, computer vision, and natural language processing. With this search method, users can easily extract information from any potential data source.

Besides, intelligent search with AI helps employees save a large amount of work time while still providing high search efficiency in both structured and unstructured data formats.

trends in digital transformation

Intelligent search with AI technology

5G Network Technology

This digital transformation trend - 5G allows users to experience high-speed and low-latency internet connectivity. Several areas that should prioritize using 5G are manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, public transport, self-driving cars, utilities and energy, smart cities and buildings, multimedia communications, etc.

Instead of having to use traditional physical connection methods, businesses can apply 5G in all their management activities and operations. For example, businesses can now experience an enhanced mobile bandwidth that allows high-definition content or video to be sent and received in real time.

In addition, 5G allows users to get more immersive and high-quality entertainment experiences such as virtual reality (VR) and cloud gaming.

digital transformation trend

5G network technology


Automation is another worth mentioning digital transformation trend. This is the trend towards operating every process at the enterprise with technology.

Currently, businesses have applied diverse techniques of automation such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies. In general, the benefit of this trend is to help improve productivity as well as increase business efficiency.

digital transformation trend

Automate all production and working processes


Blockchain is a technology that encodes all data into blocks and connects them to form a long chain. Hence, blockchain forms a database and enables transparent information sharing within a business network.

Blockchain shows effectiveness when being applied in many different fields such as logistics, finance, health care, etc. For example, blockchain allows businesses to permanently store all records and create smart contracts with little risk of forgery.

To conclude, blockchain technology is a top digital transformation trend that provides good security and high practicality.

trends in digital transformation

Blockchain technology

Total Experience

This trend refers to all activities that aim at enhancing customer experience, user experience, employee experience, and cross-platform experiences.

The customer experience will be unified and consistent thanks to the combination of all channels including:

  • Digital Channels (Apps and Websites)
  • Physical channels (Retail stores and call centers)

The goal of this trend is to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and support as well as employee confidence by comprehensively managing the experience of all parties involved in the sales process. 

To do this, businesses need to exploit and study deeply the needs of customers. Businesses should also use new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to personalize products and services.

digital transformation trend

Total customer experience

Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform (CDP) refers to software used to create a centralized customer database.

CDP is among the best trends in digital transformation. The technology is widely applied and recognized with many advantages by many businesses. Specifically, CDP has the function of providing businesses with a close-up view of customers. It also helps businesses manage customer data more scientifically, privately, and securely.

These days, businesses are increasingly focusing all their resources on operational and income management as well as customer data storage. This means that CDPs will continue to be a key element in the digital transformation journey of today’s businesses.

digital transformation trend

Quick access to customer data platform

Everything as a Service (XaaS)

XaaS is a digital transformation trend that allows an effective combination of service, hardware, and software. In fact, XaaS is predicted to be a dynamic digital transformation trend recently. This is because the model offers outstanding characteristics in terms of flexibility and high scalability.

XaaS businesses can provide diverse remote access and cloud computing services such as:

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Network as a Service (NaaS)
  • Communication as a Service (CaaS)
trends in digital transformation

Digital transformation service with XaaS

Data Democratization

Data democratization allows and empowers all administrators and employees to access data. This helps businesses make good decisions and improves collaboration across departments.

Data democratization not only benefits individuals and businesses but also benefits partners and society. With the advantage of allowing proactive data search and analysis, data democratization is expected to contribute to opening a new era in decision-making methods within businesses.

digital transformation trend

Data democratization

In this article, Viindoo has compiled information about the leading digital transformation trend these days. Viindoo believes that digital transformation is a long journey that requires businesses to well adapt to compete in today's volatile technology world. If businesses are interested in digital transformation solutions, please contact us immediately via the hotline at 0225 730 9838 for answers.

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            Top 11 Digital Transformation Trend lately
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