What is Remarketing? Learn to apply Remarketing with Viindoo Email Marketing

What is Remarketing? How does remarketing benefit businesses? In the following article, Viindoo will provide information about the concept, benefits, and methods to effectively implement the remarketing strategy.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing means businesses use communication platforms (email, social networks, etc.) to remind customers about products/services that they have viewed, unpaid orders, or sudden cancellations. The method is effective and drives strong revenue when combined with upselling and cross-selling strategies.

Remarketing is also used to reach and care for customers at different times. The information provided here is often personalized to suit the needs and behaviors of each customer. The method is commonly used in an email marketing campaign.

Remarketing helps increase revenue for businesses.

Remarketing helps increase revenue for businesses.

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Why do businesses need remarketing?

The current concept of remarketing is probably not too strange for many businesses, this is a method to help brands and retailers achieve many unexpected benefits. More and more businesses are using remarketing for a number of reasons:

  • Re-engage customers: Remarketing helps to re-engage customers who have previously visited your website and increase the likelihood of them coming back to learn more about your product or service.
  • Increase conversion rate: When customers return to your website, the conversion rate will increase because they already have an interest and are searching for a similar product or service.
  • Reduce advertising costs: Remarketing helps reduce advertising costs because you are only marketing to people who already know your brand and are already interested in your product or service.
  • Increase brand recognition: All forms of advertising, including remarketing, help businesses expand their image in the market, reminding users to remember more about their brand.

What are the benefits of Remarketing?

According to the marketing rule of 7, customers need to receive the message about the product 7 times to make the decision to buy. Remarketing helps products appear in customers' minds many times; from there, customers will remember the brand as well as its products and services.

Remarketing brings other meaningful benefits:

  • Display the marketing content to the target audience precisely.
  • Increase the consumer's impression of the brand.
  • Is cheaper than traditional strategies.
  • Support to promote brand image to customers in an impressive way.
Remarketing generates great benefits in a business's marketing campaign

Remarketing generates great benefits in a business's marketing campaign.

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Objects of Remarketing

Remarketing is a marketing method that repeatedly displays content to target audiences. Learning about the objects of remarketing is an important part to know what is remarketing. Here are some objects of remarketing:

  • Customers who access the business website through advertising.
  • Customers who have visited the business website many times thanks to useful information or products.
  • Customers who have visited the business website but have not yet performed conversion actions such as placing an order or registering.
  • Customers who have completed the conversion.

How to implement a Remarketing campaign

Remarketing strategy will help businesses increase their ability to achieve business goals. Businesses can refer to here to learn how to implement an effective remarketing strategy.

  • First, businesses need to embed the code of remarketing content into their own website (Website A).
  • When customers visit website A, the information will be saved on the browser.
  • The customer leaves and visits another website that allows Google ads (Website B).
  • Thanks to the information and data stored on the browser, Google will choose to display the ads of website A on website B.
Remarketing helps businesses achieve business efficiency

Remarketing helps businesses achieve business efficiency.

Principles for effective remarketing campaigns

Define the goal of the strategy

The targeted people of the Internet remarketing campaign tend to not like clicking or being directed to other pages. Therefore, the goal of remarketing is to create ads everywhere to remind customers and leave some more impressions in their minds.

The general principle in designing a remarketing campaign is conciseness, focus, and accessibility. Never create content that is too complicated. Customers will not have enough time and patience to read and understand all the information provided.

Introduce products that customers are interested in

Remarketing strategy should focus only on the products that customers really care about rather than rampant advertising. This will reduce boredom and bring better sales efficiency.

To know which products customers are interested in, the company should capture the products they have previously viewed on the website. This helps increase the likelihood of customers buying. This is a method of approaching and promoting the sales process that businesses can refer to.

Remarketing should only focus on the real needs of customers

Remarketing should only focus on the real needs of customers.

Apply remarketing timely

Businesses need to apply remarketing strategies in a timely manner to meet the buying needs of consumers. When using this strategy, businesses can approach customers through their worries about time (for example, promotion expiration) and limited quantity (rare goods, limited edition, etc.). Basically, businesses can stimulate customer demand by utilizing the FOMO psychology.

Some effective openings for remarketing to stimulate purchase are last-day offers, limited quantities, etc. This will make the customer buy the product immediately.

Remarketing should stimulate customers’ intention to buy.

Remarketing should stimulate customers’ intention to buy.

Use promotion codes and coupons

Creating a successful Remarketing campaign is not easy. However, with the help of Viindoo Email Marketing software, businesses can confidently bring customers the best messages and experiences while they shop.

What is the difference between Retargeting and Remarketing?​

Both retargeting and remarketing are used to reach customers, increase conversions on the website, and improve sales. However, these two methods have certain differences:

Targeting againMarketing again
Paid advertisingEmail marketing
Target customers
Attract individuals who have already had interested in the business (have visited the website, have clicked on the ads,...)Focus on increasing interaction with customers who already operated on the website
Retargeting and remarketing have many differences

Retargeting and remarketing have many differences.

Remarketing application compared to Viindoo Email Marketing​

On the market today, there are quite a lot of Email Marketing solutions with diverse features. However, solutions that synchronously and seamlessly integrate with customer data sets are rare. Every time there is a new set of customers or a new campaign, managers often have to update their data from the beginning, causing time-consuming and potential errors.

Viindoo Email Marketing is a flexible and high-quality Email Marketing tool that helps businesses easily implement Remarketing campaigns. The software has already integrated with customer information such as full name, email, phone number, etc.

Viindoo Email Marketing supports the effective implementation of remarketing campaigns

Viindoo Email Marketing supports the effective implementation of Remarketing campaigns.

Especially, the Viindoo system allows businesses to record the customer's journey on the website and specify the abandoned cart information, most viewed products, etc. Therefore, managers can create Email Marketing campaigns with customized content for different customer groups to stimulate purchases.

In addition, Viindoo Email Marketing has other outstanding advantages and support features such as:

  • Provide email templates that are suitable for a variety of needs.
  • Personalize customer experience thanks to the auto-fill feature of address for recipients, recipients’ name, recipients’ address, etc. based on contact information stored on the system.
  • Support to compare the effectiveness of each Email Marketing campaign by metrics such as clicks to open emails, clicks on links in emails, etc. for appropriate adjustments.

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In the above article, Viindoo has provided detailed information to answer the question of what is remarketing. Understanding the concepts of remarketing will help businesses build appropriate marketing strategies and increase conversions, thereby increasing sales. For more advice on effective customer access solutions, contact us via the hotline 225 730 9838.

What is Remarketing? Learn to apply Remarketing with Viindoo Email Marketing
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