What is Mentoring? Classification and role of the Mentoring model

What is Mentoring? What are the common types of Mentoring patterns? There are many questions related to Mentoring but there is still no specific answer, making this concept gradually difficult to understand. Therefore, you should be with Viindoo to search for words Answer the above questions through the article below!

1. What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is the process of guiding and assisting employees in the development of skills, knowledge, and competencies. A mentor (instructor) is usually an experienced employee or an expert in the field. The mentor will be responsible for giving advice, sharing experiences, and helping the mentee achieve goals. Mentoring can last from a few months to several years.

What is MentoringWhat is Mentoring?

Mentor-Mentee is a connecting relationship between experienced people (mentors) and the mentor (mentees). A mentor will guide, support, and share his experiences with mentees to help them develop to the best they can. Thereby, mentees will have the opportunity to learn and develop skills and knowledge in their field.

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2. What is a Mentoring program?

The mentoring program is a program designed to connect mentors and mentees through well-planned and tailored activities. This program can be organized by a company or by a volunteer. The purpose of the mentoring program is to help mentees develop their skills, improve their knowledge, and gain practical work experience.

What is peer mentoring?What is a mentoring program?

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3. Mentoring's Role

The role of mentoring is to provide support, direction, and encouragement to individuals in developing personal and professional skills. This process focuses on solving problems related to efficiency, building capacity, ability to contribute, solving challenges, and developing self-confidence.

What is MentoringMentoring's role

Mentoring can also help create an environment of continuous learning and growth, especially at work and in difficult situations. This also helps mentees expand their networks and help create opportunities to access new resources and knowledge.

4. Types of Mentoring Models

Mentoring has 6 main models with specific content as follows:

1. Mentoring 1:1 

This is a training model where a mentor provides support, and supervision, and helps the less experienced mentee to develop the necessary skills and knowledge. In the 1:1 Mentoring model, mentors and students will communicate directly with each other through meetings and meetings.

What is peer mentoring?Mentoring 1:1

2. Mentoring Group

This is a form of support and training where a group of mentees will be guided by a mentor. The mentor will help team members figure out their strengths and weaknesses so that they can come up with the plans and actions needed to improve the mentee's skills.

What is MentoringMentoring Group

3. Mentoring colleagues

This is a model where a mentor guides a new employee into the same field or company to help the mentee quickly adapt to the new environment. This model is beneficial for both mentors and mentees as it helps to create a positive working environment and helps improve labor productivity.

What is peer mentoring?Mentoring colleagues

4. E-Mentoring 

This is an online education model in which mentors and mentees communicate through electronic communication tools, the Internet. This model brings many benefits such as saving time, unconstrained location, and giving users easy access to experts.

What is MentoringE-Mentoring

5. Mentoring - Reverse Mentoring

This is a model in which a young employee helps and mentors an experienced employee, often their supervisor, in some areas where the younger employee has more in-depth knowledge and experience. This model allows former employees to learn from young employees, focusing on young people's vivid and modern experiences and skills.

What is MentoringMentoring - Reverse Mentoring

6. Mentoring - Speed ​​Advisor

This is a form of support that often takes place in long conferences and meetings. Here, mentors will communicate to quickly answer questions and concerns of one or a group of mentees.

What is MentoringMentoring - Speed ​​Advisor

5. What is the difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

Coaching and Mentoring are both methods of personal development and support. However, the two models have the following fundamental differences:

  • Coaching is often aimed at supporting and developing the skills and competencies of the person being coached. Meanwhile, Mentoring often aims to share the mentor's experience and knowledge with the mentee.
  • Coaching has a clear scope of expertise in a skill or field. Mentoring can have a broader scope, including career and life issues.
  • Coaching usually focuses on the process of instruction and instruction by the coach. Meanwhile, Mentoring is usually implemented according to the method based on the mentor's experience and sharing.

Here is a summary of the most detailed information to answer questions What is Mentoring. Hope the above information Viindoo will help readers understand more about mentoring and successful implementation in the business.

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What is Mentoring? Classification and role of the Mentoring model
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