What is Employer Branding? Effective Employer Branding Strategy

What is Employer Branding? This is an employer branding strategy that helps businesses approach and recruit potential candidates. So how can businesses build an effective Employer Branding strategy? Join Viindoo to clarify this issue in the article below.

What is Employer Branding?

Employer Branding, employer brand means making a candidate impressed and interested in the working environment, corporate culture, and values for employees. Employer Branding is not only at the recruitment stage of a business but also extends to the process of employee integration, training, development, and promotion.

That requires businesses to identify and standardize employer brand strategies, ensuring both candidate experience as well as employee expectations, thereby recruiting and retaining talent better.

In addition, the critical point of how to build an employer brand is not only about the values, but also how businesses convey these values ​​to candidates. 

For this reason, many businesses now aim to build Employer Branding on popular communication media such as websites, social marketing, etc., to reach the potential candidate market.

Employer Branding built on a methodical and effective recruitment process, businesses can leave a good impression in the labor market, bringing their brand closer to the candidate community.

Why do businesses need employer branding?

According to TopCV's Recruitment Market Report 2021 & Recruitment Trends in 2022, 94.7% of surveyed enterprises know the need for recruitment brand communication activities, of which 28.3% think recruitment brand communication is essential.

Specifically, Employer Branding can bring the following benefits to Enterprises:

Attract candidates

Employer Branding plays an important role in the candidate's decision-making process. According to a report by Glassdoor, 86% of employees and job-seeking candidates study company reviews and ratings to make decisions when applying for and transferring jobs. 92% of those surveyed also said they would consider changing jobs if they received a job offer from a company with a better reputation in the market. 

A proper, strategic employer branding, businesses can thoroughly communicate the image of a professional, dynamic, and beneficial working environment to their target candidates, thereby attracting more candidates.

Minimize costs and recruitment time

According to LinkedIn, strong employer branding bring 50% more qualified candidates than other poor ones, 1-2 times faster speed, and reduce costs per hire by 50%. Finding recruitment brands being built and widely disseminated, candidates will get information about the company and apply for jobs if appropriate, saving more time and media costs for the businesses.

Low quit rate

According to a LinkedIn report, quality employer branding will reduce turnover rate by up to 28%. In today’s competitive recruitment market, talented candidates are sought after and have a wide range of job options. This situation leads to high risk of "bleeding talent".

Businesses need to improve the level of engagement with employees through activities to build working culture, build skill frameworks, and train employees to create a more attached relationship.

These values ​​will make it easier for employees to assess their suitability for the job, understand the corporate culture and feel the company’s values. Instead of just receiving information, employees are now really "integrated" into a highly cohesive corporate culture, thereby reducing the desire to switch jobs.

How to build Employer Branding

Due to the rising of recruitment demand, businesses are always looking for suitable candidates. At the same time, the candidates also hope to find the most suitable positions. So how to build Employer Branding to maximize the impact of the business on the candidates?

First, to build Employer Branding strategy, businesses need to determine which goal is to achieve. This will help employers find a better implementation method.

What is Employer Branding

Setting goals is an important first step in an Employer's Branding strategy

Defining the goals of the Employer Branding strategy

Here are some common goals:

  • Increase brand recognition in the candidate community.
  • Increase interaction efficiency between candidates and businesses.
  • Increase interaction efficiency on communication channels.
  • Increase visits to your business website.
  • Show attractiveness with candidates.
  • Get more applications.
  • Attracting quality candidates to apply.
  • Increase job referral rate.
  • Improve the job acceptance rate of candidates.

Build candidate portraits

In the next step, businesses need to determine the right candidate for the Employer Branding strategy. Recruitment will be very difficult if businesses do not know who to hire, and how to recruit people to bring the highest value. Therefore, shaping the candidate's portrait will help businesses attract the right talent.

Businesses can build candidate portraits as above

Businesses can build candidate portraits as above

Determine the company's EVP (Employee Value Proposition)

What is EVP in Employer Branding? This is a term to refer to the value positioning of employees in the enterprise. A business that can position itself well and reward the value its employees create will build a competitive advantage in the recruitment market.

EVP is important in Employer Branding

EVP is important in Employer Branding

An EVP model of a recruiting enterprise can include salary and bonus, benefits, working environment, work, and culture. Building an effective employee value positioning system will help employers stand out from other competitors. It can be said that applying EVP is one of the effective ways for businesses to build an employer brand.

Build a realistic Employer Branding strategy

After determining the goals, customer portraits, and EVP factors, businesses can start building an Employer Branding strategy. Here are some tips to help build an effective employer brand.

Job description

This is a description of exactly what a candidate does when applying for a position in a company. Moreover, this description will give candidates the most preliminary view of the business, including how to work, salary, benefits, etc. Therefore, employers should make sure JDs reflect the true corporate spirit.

Build Employer Branding by job description

JD is the first communication step between businesses and candidates

Recruitment website

The recruitment website is the place to keep the recruitment information of the business. Not only that, but this also provides employers’ message to candidates. Therefore, businesses need to create a recruitment page that can provide many useful values to viewers.

Build Employer Branding by recruitment website

The content of the recruitment page should provide useful value to the candidates

Attractive content, images, and videos will earn candidates’ respect and professionalism of the recruiting company. Therefore, the Employer Branding strategy should not forget this page.

Design a recruitment page with Viindoo Website

Design a recruitment page with Viindoo Website

Enterprises can build an effective recruitment website with Viindoo Website. This is an easy and professional website design tool that helps businesses save considerable time and effort.

Online reviews

Candidates today tend to ask for reviews of businesses before deciding to apply. Negative reviews can cost businesses the opportunity to work with potential employees.

Build Employer Branding by Online reviews

Businesses should handle negative comments on social networks

However, controlling all the reviews is quite difficult. Therefore, the best way is to absorb and find a way to deal with the bad reviews of online users. Many candidates are willing to give up good benefits and an attractive working environment when they see the bad behavior of businesses on online review sites.​

Candidate Experience

Once the candidates understand and have a good impression of the business, it is time for the recruiters to take it a step further to get the candidate. In-person calls or in-office interviews are needed However, the above contents also need to ensure employee brand consistency.

Build Employer Branding by Candidate Experience

Interviews also need to show the employer's brand

Identify recruitment brand communication channels

There are many communication channels for businesses to reach candidates while enhancing brand value. Once the communication channel has been identified, recruiters need to perform a series of tasks to get the best performance.

Popular recruitment promotion channels

Popular recruitment promotion channels

The work to be done on the communication channel includes:

  • Build and manage corporate communication channels.
  • Monitor and navigate social channels in the right direction with, the right goals.
  • Measure results and optimize the performance of all channels, especially paid channels.

Evaluate the strategy's effectiveness​

After implementing the campaign, businesses need to re-evaluate the effectiveness achieved. This is a mandatory process to know what the business has achieved, what is missing, what difficulties, and what needs to be supplemented and overcome. These metrics will be evaluated against the initial set of goals. Some criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of an Employer Branding strategy:

  • Employee commitment.
  • Percentage of employees after probation.
  • New staff quality.
  • Expenses for new employees.
  • The number of candidates applying and being recruited.
  • Recruitment process duration.
The results achieved after the campaign will be evaluated based on the original goal

The results achieved after the campaign will be evaluated based on the original goal

Case Study: how to build employer branding to build effectively

The effectiveness when applies how to build employer branding convinces many businesses to quickly grasp and implement this strategy. Here are some Case StudieStudies from popular brands for your reference.


Heineken is a well-known brand with a series of effective employer brand case studies. The campaigns of this brand have made a great impact, strengthening its brand in the candidate community.

One of Heineken's unique and popular recruitment campaigns is "Heineken Go Places". This campaign introduced the company's recruitment information through impressive videos. In addition, Heineken also builds a well-designed recruitment website, aiming to be minimalistic and playful, close to candidates.

Heineken build employer branding

A scene from the "Heineken Go Places" campaign

This campaign is so special with its detailed results of the entrance test which has been delivered back to candidates by Heineken. It has achieved incredible recruitment efficiency with huge numbers, impressing potential candidates, and creating new opportunities for them to better understand the values and messages that Heineken wants to spread.


Another good example of a successful Employer Branding strategy is Starbucks. Starbucks has done extensive promotion of its brand on social networking sites. It also built a space dedicated to recruitment and interaction with candidates who are looking for jobs.

Starbucks sees employees as working partners. This has been and is constantly arousing the pride of employees for the company. Positive employee reviews on social networking sites have contributed greatly to this brand, thereby increasing the level of prestige in the eyes of potential candidates.

Starbucks - Case study to build employer branding

Starbucks - Case study to build a typical employer brand

Starbucks' social networking content is not focused on its products and services, which introduce the company's mission, convey messages, congratulate employees, sharing their stories. Since then, Starbucks has created a positive spillover to recruitment candidates.


FPT is a successful Vietnamese Employer Branding with a strong influence on the community. It influences a variety of candidates in ages, genders, fields of work, etc

FPT's social network and recruitment posts honestly reflect the content that candidates want to learn. In a friendly and approachable tone, business messages are reaching deeper into the community as well as inspire and positive energy in the candidates.

FPT in employer branding

FPT's transparent recruitment process

FPT also pays great attention to the company's employees, with a dedicated website for employees to share their stories during their working time on the occasion of its 30th anniversary. Photos and videos of the group's anniversary activities are also posted and updated. This brings a new perspective to social media users who are interested in this business.

The article has summarized the contents of what is Employer Branding. This is one of the effective strategies that can be applied to many businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones. Viindoo hopes that with the above information, employers have more valuable references.

What is Employer Branding? Effective Employer Branding Strategy
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