Top 5 skills management software for businesses to consider

In today's market, there are countless skills management software options available. However, selecting an application that can effectively assist businesses in managing their employees' skills, knowledge, qualifications, and experience is no easy feat. In the following article, Viindoo aims to provide you with the most reliable and effective solutions for skills management software!

What is skill management?

To manage your staff's skills, you need to identify their expertise and experience to the fullest extent possible. This involves gaining a better understanding of their competencies and capabilities, and using this knowledge to assign them to tasks that will not only improve your operational processes but also enhance their job satisfaction. After all, most of us prefer working in roles that we enjoy and excel at! 

Skills management involves creating employee profiles that include their complete set of skills, knowledge, qualifications, and experience. These profiles are then used to determine if an employee is capable or qualified enough to perform a particular task or fulfill a specific role. Additionally, they provide a more comprehensive understanding of your staff's individual and collective proficiency levels.

Definition of skill management software

Definition of skill management

When implementing a skills management program, it is important for organizations to take a deliberate and structured approach that involves the following four crucial steps:

  • Establish a skills framework: Determine the key skills and competencies required by the company and create a clear framework that groups skills by department and role.
  • Evaluate employees: Choose appropriate assessments to assess employees' skills and administer them to determine proficiency levels.
  • Create a visual overview: Organize the collected data visually in an easily understandable format, such as a skills matrix, which enables management to monitor employees' competencies.
  • Analyze and develop: Analyze the data to identify employees who may benefit from additional training and professional development. Ensure that matrices are updated as necessary.

Skills management is an ongoing process that needs to be reviewed periodically as an organization's plans and objectives evolve.

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The Benefits of Using Skills Management System for Businesses

Struggling with evaluating your employees' fundamental skills and lacking a clear understanding of the widening skills gap? A skills management software may provide a solution to your talent-related problems.

Manually profiling candidates with the ideal skill sets for open positions can be a difficult task. Unfortunately, this process has not evolved and many recruiters still rely on outdated job descriptions to find suitable matches, which can lead to significant skill gaps and hinder business growth. You may be wondering how to strengthen your team and address the existing skills gaps, but this challenge can be overcome.

That's when a skills management system comes in place. It is a tool that enables organizations to identify, evaluate, monitor, and enhance employee skills. Leaders can utilize validated skills data to standardize competencies, bridge skill gaps, pinpoint qualified talent, and inform strategic business decisions.

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The best 5 Skills Management Software

Viindoo HR Skills Framework Management Software

The Viindoo HR Skills Framework is designed to work seamlessly with SFIA (The Skills Framework for the Information Age), a model that defines and creates a framework of skills and competencies required for professional work in the fields of information technology (ICT), software industry, and digital transformation.

Viindoo HR Skills Framework is based on the "People-centric" core value, which is an essential aspect of the Viindoo HRM solution, an all-inclusive human resource management tool. Skills management software Viindoo places importance on the value of individuals in a business, while also optimizing the roadmap for developing human resource skills.

Skills management software Viindoo

Skills management software Viindoo

Key highlights of the Viindoo software are:

  • Helps to define the duties, functions, and authority of each employee position within the company.
  • Sets specific goals for the skills needed to fulfill job requirements and advance in a career path.
  • Facilitates the process of organizing, managing, and assigning work effectively.
  • Provides an essential tool to support monitoring and evaluating each employee's development.
    Serves as a basis for managers to make timely decisions regarding employee recognition and rewards.
  • Provides an overview of the roles and positions of personnel.
  • Enables quick setup of HR skill details with features such as Job Skills Classification, Skill Level Classification, and Skill Framework Management for each role.

Pluralsight Skills

For IT companies, Pluralsight's skill management software provides expertly crafted learning paths to help technical employees improve and expand their skill sets. Because technical skills require a hands-on approach for effective comprehension, the software also offers practical sessions and lab work. As the job market becomes more competitive, employers are moving away from traditional hiring processes and embracing technical assessment tools to remain competitive.

skills management software Pluralsight Skills

Feature of Pluralsight Skills:

  • Skill IQ, a free employee assessment portal, can help you assess your team's knowledge gaps and strengths.
  • Pluralsight's skill management tool offers advanced skill analytics and actionable insights to discover the right talent for the right roles and bridge skill gaps.
  • Pluralsight's advanced roles analytics can assist you in organizing your teams better by reporting on the number of users assigned to each skill, their minimum and average proficiency, and other relevant metrics.

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SkillsDB Pro

SkillsDB Pro is a skill management software that focuses on competencies and is a beneficial choice for businesses seeking to enhance employee performance with advanced analytics and data-driven insights. Its interface is simple to navigate and includes convenient onboarding of resources and skills.

skills management software SkillsDB Pro

SkillsDB Pro offers the following features:

  • SkillsDB Pro is a competency-based tool that helps organizations improve employee performance by providing data-backed insights and advanced analytics.
  • The software has a user-friendly interface and offers easy onboarding of skills and resources.
  • It can identify job role-based strengths and weaknesses to bridge gaps between skills and learning.
  • The software offers employee development plans by recommending learning paths based on a comparison of existing role's skill scores with the learning catalog skills and scores.
  • Since it's web-based, it can be easily integrated with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS).
  • The software enables comprehensive skill tracking, proactive skill gap analysis, high-level reporting through data analytics, and more


MuchSkills adopts a people-centric strategy in skill management, which aids in creating agile and high-performance teams. Its Skill Matrix feature allows for a comprehensive view of team strengths and weaknesses, while real-time data facilitates the identification of recruitment opportunities. 

skills management software MuchSkills

Additionally, MuchSkills provides various other features to support effective skill management, such as:

  • Real-time skill gap analysis with unique insights, allows you to tap into your employees' abilities and identify growth opportunities.
  • Quick employee assessment through MuchSkills profiles, which can be verified by HR managers and team leads, and one-on-one discussions on the go.
  • MuchSkill Team Builder, which enables you to quickly build teams based on competencies and skills alone, avoiding unconscious bias.

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TalentGuard is a skills management system and inventory software that uses skills data to create competency frameworks, customize job profiles, and provide learning options. It divides its skill management into four categories: Create, Map, Calibrate, and Govern. Create allows you to create, edit, and compare skills. Map helps efficiently map skills to profiles and jobs. Calibrate allows for job profile calibration, where proficiency levels can be adjusted. Govern is used to manage job role data.

skills management software TalentGuard

TalentGuard skill management software features:

  • Develops a fully integrated and standardized skills and talent management system that seamlessly integrates into your business.
  • Provides an impartial method for verifying skills to identify and address any skill gaps.
  • Customizes learning paths to align with your business objectives and match the right talent with the right goals. 

The information provided above regarding skills management software is valuable, as it offers multi-dimensional perspectives and reliable guidance to help managers make appropriate choices for personnel management tasks. Viindoo hopes that this content will assist you and your business in selecting the appropriate software.

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Top 5 skills management software for businesses to consider
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