Top 5+ Best Sales Software For Small Businesses Today

Are you looking for the best sales software for small businesses? Look no further than Viindoo's latest article, which features a comprehensive list of options tailored to your needs. Our analysis takes into account both features and costs, ensuring that you make the best decision for your business. Don't miss out on this valuable resource - read the article now! 

Managing a business, whether big or small, is always a challenging task. However, for small and growing businesses, it can be even more difficult since you cannot afford to spend a lot of money on separate tools for marketing automation, sales, and document management. Running the entire operation on your own, from fixing a faulty sales process to generating new leads or retaining existing customers, can be an overwhelming experience. This is where Sales Software for small businesses comes in handy.

Perhaps you're wondering how to select the ideal sales software for your small business among the multitude of options available in the market. Unlike cumbersome sales software tailored for large corporations, customer relationship management software for small businesses is designed to tackle the issues faced by growing businesses and is simple, user-friendly, and offered at affordable prices.

Sales software can vary in features and price, and it's important to find the right fit for your small business. Here are some top options to consider.



Starting Price

Key Features
Viindoo CRMCRMFREEProvides 360 degree customer persona as well as optimize customer journey for revenue growth
Zoho CRMCRMFree to $14 per user, per monthCustom sales predictions, competitions, and territory management
NextivaSales enablement solution$10.48 to $13.48 per user, per monthCall center platform with voice calling and meeting management
UpLeadSales enablement solutionFree to $64 per month
Credit-based lead data generation, enrichment, and tech stack insights
ClariSales analytics toolMust contact for pricing
Artificial intelligence (AI) for revenue, account, and opportunity insights
RaydiantPerformance managementMust contact for pricingRewards management, gamification, and internal communications

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Best Sales Software For Small Businesses: Viindoo CRM

Viindoo CRM is sales software for small businesses that offers an overview of customers across various areas such as Sales, Marketing, and Support. It manages the entire sales process, from approaching the customer to closing the deal, using an intuitive Kanban format that allows users to easily switch between different stages of customer care. The software provides an organized overview of customer information, ensuring that no details are missed.

Viindoo CRM is best sales software for small businesses

Viindoo CRM is best sales software for small businesses

Key features of Viindoo CRM include:

  • Integration with various customer interaction channels, such as online chat, business website, and email.
  • Customer segmentation based on various criteria to enable targeted engagement and communication.
  • Support for periodic customer care planning to optimize the use of available customer data and provide the best possible experience.
  • Utilization of massive data warehouses and segmentation to prioritize and improve customer support and increase close rates.
  • Real-time tracking of staff progress and results.
  • Built-in collaboration tools for internal teams to work together on customer care tasks.
  • Automated reporting system with multi-view and smart charting capabilities.
  • Use of aggregated information and surveys during the buying process to identify trends and new business opportunities. 

Best customizable sales management software: Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a flexible sales management software that can be customized to meet various business needs. With the help of Zia, its artificial intelligence tool, users can create personalized sales forecasts and conversion predictions. Additionally, Zoho Motivator offers gamification features that allow team managers to design games with rules and sales targets, enabling reps to compete and enhance their skills. Moreover, Zoho provides territory management options, including automatic lead assignment to reps based on region or product and activity analysis across different territories.

Sales Software For Small Businesses Zoho

Sales software Zoho 


  • Zoho CRM offers a free plan and affordable paid plans that can scale as the business grows.
  • It is highly customizable and can meet various sales management and operational needs.
  • Comes with built-in management features, including gamification, forecasting, and territory management.
  • Offers native integrations to streamline workflow and improve efficiency.


  • The free plan doesn't include sales forecasting feature
  • Zoho Motivator is only available with the Professional plan
  • Managers need to pay extra for prediction-building and approval management, which allows them to accept, reject, or auto-approve requests from other users.

Best contact center management platform: Nextiva

Nextiva is a communication platform that combines a VoIP phone system, call center, and collaboration tools. It is designed to help sales teams increase productivity and improve communication. The platform offers a built-in phone for making and receiving calls, video meeting scheduling, live chat, and SMS communication options. In addition, Nextiva offers contact data storage, call activity reporting, and integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk.

Sales Software For Small Businesses

Nextiva sales software for small business


  • Supports integration with popular CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and SugarCRM
  • All-in-one platform that includes call center, meeting, conference call, internal chat, and text campaign management capabilities
  • Essential plan includes all voice calling features for placing and receiving calls.


  • There is no free option offered.
  • Most CRM integration capabilities are restricted to the Enterprise plan.
  • Texting channels are not available until upgrading to the Professional plan.

Best business-to-business lead source: UpLead​

UpLead is a B2B database that helps sales managers provide their representatives with trustworthy lead data to carry out outreach campaigns. Its credit system is tier-based, where users receive additional annual credits to purchase contact data and more insights as they advance their plans. With the ability to filter B2B leads by job titles, industry, location, and company size, teams can tailor their customer profiles to their specific needs. Once users upgrade to the Plus plan, they can automatically enrich their data sets and access information on the technology stacks utilized by a company.

Sales Software For Small Businesses

Best business-to-business lead source: UpLead


  • Provides integration with well-known CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, HubSpot, Copper, Nimble, and Pipedrive.
  • Offers verified phone numbers and emails of B2B leads.
  • Includes a potent technographics feature that shows what software products a lead company is using.


  • Intent data for lead qualification is only available on the Professional plan.
  • Limited account usage on the Free Trial, Essentials, and Plus plans.
  • Free trial users are only given five credits.

Best for analyzing account and pipeline health: Clari

Clari is a sales software for small business that provides revenue intelligence by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze the sales, marketing, and customer success teams' activities. Sales managers can predict sales by examining ongoing opportunities and monitoring all actions associated with a deal. They can evaluate potential pipeline risks and opportunities based on ratings and significant events such as adding a decision-maker to the process. Additionally, the AI helps managers assess whether sales reps are maintaining strong relationships with accounts based on engagement and activity gaps.

Sales Software For Small Businesses

Clari system


  • Clari provides insight tools for sales, marketing, finance, customer success, and revenue operations.
  • Clari uses artificial intelligence (AI) for forecasting, obtaining deal visibility, and identifying pipeline risks and opportunities.
  • Clari offers sales analytics features to determine account and pipeline health.


  • Pricing is not transparent and requires contacting the sales team for a quote.
  • Setting up and operating the platform can be challenging for new users due to its sophistication.
  • Limited third-party integrations available.

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Best for enhancing all-around sales rep experience: Raydiant

Raydiant is a complete employee experience platform that has integrated Hoopla's reward system. It offers an all-in-one system for managers to disseminate company communications, create leaderboards, and send employee praise. With the addition of Hoopla, Raydiant now serves as a rewards management system for sales reps, who can choose from a broad range of rewards, such as travel destinations, gift cards, and electronics. Additionally, managers can administer sales contests and grant reward points and recognition for outstanding performance.

Sales Software For Small Businesses

Raydiant software


  • Offers internal communication and digital signage features as part of the employee experience management platform.
  • Includes performance management features such as gamification, a rewards catalog, and employee praise alerts.
  • Provides modular solutions tailored to different industries and verticals.


  • Pricing information not readily available, requiring users to contact the company for a quote.
  • Users have reported difficulties with integrating with third-party applications.
  • Some users have found the platform to be lacking in user-friendly features.

Choosing the right sales software is a critical decision that can have a significant impact on your small business's performance, and it requires careful research and investment. We hope that Viindoo's article on the best sales software for small businesses has provided you with valuable insights and information to aid in your decision-making process. 

Top 5+ Best Sales Software For Small Businesses Today
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