Remarketing on Facebook: A Game-Changing Strategy

Start writing heIf you're wondering why remarketing on Facebook (also known as remarketing) is crucial for your Facebook advertising campaigns, or how to effectively utilize your customer file or Facebook Pixel, Viindoo's article can provide answers. The article covers the concept of Facebook Remarketing, its benefits, and distinctive features, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of this advertising

What is Remarketing on Facebook? 

When people browse certain websites, they are identified with "cookies" or markers. To target these visitors again, a code is added to the page they visit. This code activates your ads to follow that marked user as they browse the internet, including social media sites and various websites.

Remarketing on Facebook, also known as retargeting by industry experts, is a technique used to advertise to individuals who have previously interacted with your brand or visited your website. Facebook's remarketing approach is similar to Google Ads, but instead of displaying ads across websites in the Display Network, they show up on Facebook. Facebook typically calls this process "Custom Audiences." 

What is Remarketing on Facebook

What is Remarketing on Facebook?

The idea is the same: if someone visits your website or interacts with your brand, they are labeled with a code that tracks their actions. Later, while scrolling through their Facebook feed, your ad appears to remind them of what they might be missing out on.

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Key Characteristics of Remarketing on Facebook

Facebook Remarketing, also known as retargeting, offers several useful features such as customer lists, website traffic tracking, and app activity monitoring.

List of customers

One of the most powerful tools offered by Facebook is the capability to display personalized ads to custom-made lists of customers. By utilizing Customer Lists, retargeting on Facebook can be just like email marketing in terms of targeting specific audiences with personalized messages. You can easily create a contact list from your CRM or any customer information you have saved, and upload it directly to Facebook to target individuals using their email addresses, phone numbers, or Facebook accounts. This feature is particularly useful for creating ads related to your sales channel. 

Remarketing on Facebook

Characteristics of Facebook Remarketing

Website traffic

This form of remarketing is likely the most recognizable, as it involves displaying ads to individuals who have previously visited your website. By installing the Facebook pixel, a JavaScript code provided to advertisers by Facebook, on all of your website pages, you can create a custom audience list with filters based on the pages they viewed. For instance, if you're selling running software CRM but want your Facebook ads to target individuals searching for software CRM, you can set up the audience to show your ads to website visitors with the keyword "CRM" in the URL.

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App Activity

In conclusion, app activity-based marketing is another effective way to utilize Facebook remarketing. This approach is particularly beneficial for businesses with sales applications, as there are various methods to display ads that target the appropriate audience based on their actions. For instance, if a user adds a product to their cart on your app, you could suggest similar products and offer a discount code. Additionally, you can reach out to individuals who have recently downloaded the app, made a purchase, or achieved a specific level in a game.

Why Use Facebook Remarketing?

Facebook remarketing is increasingly viewed as the future of advertising, offering a powerful way to reach a large audience even for low-potential products through features such as the Customer List. With around 50 million active users and more than 22 billion ad clicks annually, Facebook provides a limitless opportunity to close sales through effective remarketing strategies.

Remarketing on Facebook allows you to target users who have already interacted with your website, e-book, or app, increasing the likelihood of them engaging with your product again. Studies have shown that Facebook remarketing ads can be up to three times more effective than regular ads.

Aside from driving sales and revenue, Facebook Remarketing can also be used to create engagement with customers through posting ads on sales groups. 

Four Crucial Steps for Facebook Remarketing

Step 1: Create a Facebook ad account

In order to execute a Facebook remarketing campaign, it's crucial to have a Facebook advertising account. Thus, you must first have a Facebook advertising account before launching a remarketing campaign. 

Possess a blog or website (optional)

Having a website is not mandatory for running Facebook remarketing campaigns, but it is necessary if you want to track customer activities and create custom audiences for targeted remarketing ads on Facebook. To achieve this, you need to install the Facebook Pixel on your website.

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Paste the Facebook Pixel on your website or blog (optional)

For website owners, there are three key areas to focus on when using Facebook Pixel:

  • Understanding the concept of Facebook Pixel
  • Knowing how to install and link the Pixel to your website
  • Learning how to interpret and analyze Facebook Pixel metrics in Ads Report

Remarketing on Facebook

Steps for Facebook Remarketing

Knowledge about Customized Audiences

This step aims to create a customer file for your remarketing campaign, based on three key sources:

  • Visitors to your website
  • Users who directly interacted with your fan page
  • People who made a purchase from your business

By segmenting your audience based on these sources, you can create targeted advertising content that addresses specific customer needs and interests, and thereby improve your profits while reducing advertising costs.

Viindoo has provided an overview of Remarketing on Facebook, also known as Facebook remarketing, in the aforementioned article. The article highlights the key features of Facebook remarketing and emphasizes the importance of using it. With this knowledge, you can effectively implement Remarketing on Facebook and achieve better results for your marketing campaign

Remarketing on Facebook: A Game-Changing Strategy
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