10 effective human resource recruitment solutions after the great resignation

Which recruitment solutions are being used in businesses? Currently, recruitment demand at companies is increasing, especially after the great resignation. How should the company do to find employees with high potential and professional qualifications? Let's Viindoo find out in the article below.

Building an employer brand

The first recruitment solution that helps businesses attract many potential candidates is to build their own brand. Businesses need to set up their own plan because this is one of the highlights to help candidates decide to apply for a position in the company.

Currently, most of the candidates want to work in a prestigious environment. However, in fact, many employees have resigned while the business is not having a clear development plan. Therefore, managers and recruiters need to develop a separate branding plan as soon as possible.

To learn more about how to build a recruitment brand, please read the article What is employer branding? Effective employer plan.

Build an employer brand for your business to attract candidates' attention

Build an employer brand for your business to attract candidates' attention

Build a talent pool

What is Talent Pool? Talent Pool is a collection of lists of candidates that businesses are targeting and looking for. These are potential people who meet the set criteria. The subjects of the Talent Pool can be part of people who have the ability but have not applied for a certain position. They can also be the ones who were rejected when applying for jobs or employees who have quit their jobs.

Depending on the development and recruitment strategy of each company, the enterprise will build a Talent Pool with corresponding criteria. The Talent Pool system helps businesses save costs and recruitment time thanks to the records of potential candidates stored scientifically.

The important role of building a talent pool:

  • Talent pool hosts potential data warehouses:

When searching and collecting information from job sites on all social networking platforms, businesses can store the necessary information and then synthesize it into the most reasonable and scientific Talent Pools.

Employers just need to do additional assessment activities instead of starting from scratch as usual. This helps businesses save a lot of costs compared to recruiting from the beginning. For example, at the same time, the number of candidates looking for a job is only 25%, but 85% of the candidates are willing to listen to information about the business.

  • Systematize candidate data:

Besides, the Talent Pool system is rated as a solution to improve personnel recruitment efficiency. It systematizes all candidate profile information in detail and specifically. During the process of candidate search and marketing, recruiters can easily screen and email candidates.

Building Talent Pool system

Building Talent Pool system

Build relationships with potential candidates

Employers can consider the number of records that have been rejected when interviewing. Most recruiters focus on screening and selecting new candidates, ignoring the old ones. Those candidates may not be the right fit for one position, but they may be qualified to work in another.

Therefore, each employer should forge relationships with potential candidates to have the opportunity to hire the most suitable employees. In addition, employers can completely participate in recruitment and share candidates with each other. This is also an effective method of personnel recruitment without any cost. Besides, this is also a way to improve candidate experience in the recruitment process.

Build relationships with potential candidates who may be a good fit for the vacancy

Build relationships with potential candidates who may be a good fit for the vacancy

Use sample resumes to screen candidates

Recruiters can use sample resumes to screen potential employees. During the recruitment process, the employer will select and filter out the most suitable resumes for the position, based on certain criteria. This recruitment solution helps companies save a lot of time and costs but still ensures quality.

Let's synthesize the profiles of some typical employees working at the position being recruited. Then, filter out the CVs to get a recruitment base. For example, a company has 30 sales staff and 25% of them complete the task well. When recruiting, businesses can rely on this 25% of employees’ profiles to recruit new employees and gradually increase the number to 30%.

Based on the evaluation criteria to select suitable candidates

Based on the evaluation criteria to select suitable candidates

Link HR training with universities, colleges, etc.

Currently, students at universities and colleges are often focused on teaching and improving professional skills. Businesses can search for interns here. This is a free candidate resource but extremely quality. Employers can easily find and select students with enough knowledge and expertise to fit positions in companies.

Taking advantage of potential candidates and human resources from universities and colleges helps employers save a lot of time and costs. In particular, through this HR recruitment solution, businesses can also build their own brand.

Search and screen candidates from Universities and Colleges

Search and screen candidates from Universities and Colleges

Build your own recruitment website

When looking for a job, most candidates refer to the recruitment information on the enterprise's website. This is considered a place to store resources and useful information. In particular, a business that owns a website full of official information will create more reliability for other job search sites.

Besides, when building the company's own recruitment website, businesses can design and post job ads more actively than posting on other social networking platforms. Those platforms are not under business management, making it difficult to find potential candidates.

For example, Recruitment departments often have to contact Job Sites and ask them to turn off some expired job postings. In addition, when the recruitment divisions need to modify the salary or request for recruitment, they must contact the Job Site again. This will cause some complications and not ensure the company's recruitment quality.

Build your own recruitment website to ensure credibility

Build your own recruitment website to ensure credibility

Use competency assessment for candidates

Using a competency assessment for candidates is one of the most effective recruitment solutions used by many businesses. Through the tests, employers can consider professional qualifications, specialized knowledge understanding, capabilities, and attitudes. Thereby, evaluating candidates with vacancies.

Establish a long-term human resource development strategy

For every business, human resource plays an important role and is the most valuable asset. Therefore, companies need to focus on building and establishing long-term human resource development strategies. It is able to retain human resources and grow more and more.

Strategy planning needs to be done from the day publishing the job announcement to the time of recruitment and onboarding training. When hiring new employees, the business needs to pay attention to the training process. It is important to help new employees integrate into the culture and working environment at the company. At the same time, the business needs to provide working methods, promotion routes as well as benefits and obligations when working.

Establish a long-term human resource development roadmap

Establish a long-term human resource development roadmap

Evaluation of candidates after the probation period

Currently, there are two popular types of candidate evaluation, which are interview evaluation and statistics evaluation. However, the interview form will sometimes be affected by the interviewer's opinion.

After selecting candidates and allowing candidates to participate in the probationary period, the process of assessing their capacity after the probationary period is also extremely important. Employers need to accurately observe and evaluate the qualifications of candidates. Otherwise, the quality of the company's operations will also be greatly affected.

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Evaluation of recruitment effectiveness

The last HR recruitment solution in HR recruitment methods that Vindoo provides to readers is How to measure recruitment effectiveness. This solution makes it possible for companies to identify and fix some of the problems in the recruitment process.

In particular, through the recruitment stage, businesses will have a more general view of employee selection activities in developing and planning to operate the company. To evaluate recruitment effectiveness, businesses can base on a number of criteria as follows:

  • Recruitment time.
  • Sources of the search for recruitment candidates.
  • Fees used for recruitment.
  • Conversion rate during the recruitment stage.
  • Candidate experience.
  • Satisfaction and trust of the managers.
  • Quality of candidates.
Evaluate recruitment effectiveness through statistics

Evaluate recruitment effectiveness through statistics

Through the above article, Viindoo provided readers with the top 10 recruitment solutions being applied in enterprises today. Hopefully, with the above information, employers can find potential candidates easier for positions at the company.

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10 effective human resource recruitment solutions after the great resignation
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