7 standard GPP pharmacy management system

Pharmacy management system supports pharmacies' business management, warehouse, etc. The basic function of a software is to manage medicine, optimize import and export inventory, control stock status, orders, etc. To know which is the best Pharmacy management system today, let’s see with Enterprise Management Software Viindoo the TOP 7 pharmacy sales management software that meet GPP standards below.

Supported Platform
Free trail
Viindoo Sales software
Windows, iOS, Android
Free 15-day trial.

Free for one app.
Full of features: 178,200 VND / per month
VNPT Pharmacy Software
Windows, iOS, Android
Free 15-day trialBasic package: 100,000 VND/month.
Advanced package: 180,000 VND/month.
XPharma Pharmacy Software
Contact supplierBasic package: 150.000 VND /month, unlimited use price 4 million VND
Regular package: 200,000 VND/month, unlimited use cost 6 million VND
Advanced package: 250,000 VND / month, unlimited use price 8 million VND
PharmaPRO Software
Windows, iOS, Android
Contact supplierContact supplier
Master Pro Pharmacy management system
Contact supplier
Contact supplier
KiotViet management software
Windows, iOS, Android
Contact supplier
Contact supplier

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Viindoo Sales - Pharmacy management system

Viindoo sales is an effective sales management platform based on the most advanced technology applications. The software can be applied to many business areas. Pharmacy owners can easily manage the pharmacy even if many different products need to be classified in bulk, such as date, medicine name, type, brand, etc.

The outstanding features of the software:

  • Manage scientifically thousands of medicine codes thanks to product classification by group with pedigree structure and bulk data entry.
  • Store all exchange information, quotes and traded orders to help managers look up anytime, anywhere;
  • Manage pharmacy staff effectively according to sales target;
  • Plan the pricing strategies depending on customer segments and target markets such as: Retail price list, dealer price list at all levels, price list for loyal customers, etc.
  • Analyze reports, update pharmacy data quickly and accurately with smart measures and tools;
  • Integrate the features of other software in Viindoo system such as sales and inventory management software, accounting software, etc. for only VND 178,200 VND/month.
pharmacy management system

Viindoo Sales

In addition, Viindoo Sales pharmacy management software also helps to increase the close a sale rate by highlighting the preferential value, suggesting additional products, easily signing for payment in many forms (credit card, transfer money, Paypal etc.).

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VNPT Pharmacy

VNPT Pharmacy software is a sales management software for pharmacy chains following a closed process. This software does not need a highly-configured computer but still meet the needs of users. The price of the software ranges from 100,000 VND - 180,000 VND/per month.

The outstanding features of the software include:

  • Suit low-end PCs;
  • Manage sales budget through revenue received;
  • Look up easily information about functions, prices, users, etc;
  • Updates information fully and continuously in real time by the reporting system;
  • Manage inventory of pharmaceutical products, which are about to expire from there to plan a reasonable inventory disposal.

PVNPT Pharmacy pharmacy management software

PVNPT Pharmacy pharmacy management software

KiotViet management software

KiotViet pharmacy POS management software was born in 2012 with optimal features for pharmacy management. The outstanding features of the software include:

The outstanding features of the software include:

  • Link data to the national pharmacy portal system;
  • Manage production batches, import dates and expiry dates of products;
  • Manage care services, customer information and regular promotion announcements;
  • Grant employees rights to access, change, update and manage general information;
  • Manage inventory of pharmaceutical products and control revenue and expenditure;
  • View business reports quickly on your phone.
pharmacy management software KiotViet

KiotViet pharmacy management software

GPP Pharma Pro - pharmacy management software

The biggest advantage of GPP Pharma Pro Pharmacy management system is to optimize sales by units such as tablets, blisters, boxes or cartons. The software also addresses basic pharmacy needs such as income, merchandise sales, receipt printing, and inventory management.

Besides, the functions of this software also include:

  • Manage selling prices and goods by product group;
  • Manage import and export goods in each period clearly;
  • Support sales by scanning barcodes, printing invoices quickly and easily;
  • Manage pharmacy chain and sync all data together;
  • Provide 70 business report templates available.
Pharma Pro pharmacy management software GDP

GDP Pharma Pro pharmacy management software

Pharma Deluxe pharmacy management software

Pharma Deluxe is a Pharmacy management system have professional management functions such as: Management of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, quantity and quality of imported goods, expiry dates, inventory, etc.

Software functions:

  • Support wholesale, retail or customize product price list;
  • Monitor the expiry date of medicinal products;
  • Provide customer care services such as: Create membership cards to accumulate points and support promotion announcements;
  • Meet the management needs of intensive medicine lists;
  • Support selling medicines according to the dose/combo prescribed by the doctor or predetermined.
Pharma Deluxe software

Pharma Deluxe software

XPharma pharmacy management software

XPharma software is a great solution to help optimize pharmacy work in a professional and modern way. The software helps managers track data entry, print barcodes, track sales, inventory and export reports when needed.

Notable functions include:

  • Provide medicine selling services via modern barcodes;
  • Support many different currency units to help pharmacists operate flexibly;
  • Accumulate points for purchases through convenient membership cards;
  • Allow remote store management through networked devices;
  • Easily operate a system of pharmacies and medicine store chains.
pharmacy management software XPharma

XPharma pharmacy management software

Master Pro management software

This software is a professional sales management solution based on cross-platform processing technology and cloud computing. In addition, Master Pro also has a full range of accounting, sales, warehouse, human resource and customer relationship management services, etc.

Outstanding functions of Master Pro software:

  • Provide loyalty management system;
  • Easy operation by employees thanks to the combination of multi-language and currency conversion;
  • Optimize the processing of prescriptions on the system of online e-commerce channels used by pharmacies;
  • Allows the use of multiple devices to manage pharmacies anywhere, anytime.
pharmacy management software Master Pro

Master Pro management software

The above article is a list of 7 Pharmacy management system compiled by Viindoo. Hopefully with the information we have shared, businesses will find a suitable software . Don't forget to contact us via hotline 0225 730 9838 for a free consultation and trial experience.

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7 standard GPP pharmacy management system
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