Personalized Email Marketing: How to Increase Engagement and Conversions

In this Viindoo blog, we will explore the benefits of personalized email marketing and provide six strategies you can use to increase engagement and conversions in your email campaigns.

What is Personalized Email Marketing?

Email marketing personalized is a marketing strategy that involves sending targeted and individualized emails to subscribers based on their preferences, behavior, and past interactions with a brand. Businesses can tailor their email campaigns to address each subscriber's unique needs and interests by collecting data such as purchase history, website activity, and demographic information. 

Personalized email aims to increase engagement and conversions by providing a more relevant and personalized experience for the recipient. By delivering content tailored to the subscriber, email marketing personalized can help businesses build stronger relationships with their customers and drive better results from their email campaigns.

What is personalized email marketing

What is Email Marketing Personalized?

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Benefits of Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing personalized aims to create a sense of exclusivity and value for your subscribers, making them feel more than just a mere email address in your database. This marketing strategy is relevant to your overall marketing approach for several reasons. 

Firstly, personalization can significantly increase open rates, especially when done in the subject line, which can improve open rates by up to 26%. Secondly, it drives engagement by showing customers that they are valued and unique individuals. Thirdly, it can significantly increase revenue by as much as 760% since customers are more likely to spend their money where they feel appreciated. If you want to leverage the benefits of personalized email, keep reading to learn how to implement it in your email marketing.

Benefits of personalized email marketing

Benefits of Personalization Email

6 Email personalization strategies ​

Use segmentation

To personalize your emails effectively, it is recommended to use segmentation. Segmentation involves categorizing your email list into smaller groups that share similar characteristics such as location, gender, or role in an organization. The criteria for segmenting your list depends on your industry and campaign objectives. Incorporating this data into your emails can make your subscribers feel more connected to your brand on a personal level, resulting in better engagement and a higher likelihood of achieving your desired outcome. Segmentation is the fundamental basis of most if not all, email marketing personalized strategies.

personalized email marketing

Use segmentation

Use personalized content

A powerful way to personalize your emails is to use a person's name and image instead of a business logo or avatar. According to research, people are more likely to trust and connect with an email that appears to come from an actual person than one from a business. In fact, about 68% of Americans say that the name in the "From" field plays a significant role in their decision to open an email. Hubspot conducted a test and found that sending emails from a marketing team member resulted in a higher click-through rate than when sent from the company name. By using a human touch in your emails, you add a personal touch to your business.

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Employ triggered emails

Personalized email marketing can benefit greatly from the use of email automation, which involves sending emails automatically to subscribers based on specific criteria you define using email marketing software platforms. Automation can be used to send personalized emails based on subscribers' actions, known as triggered or behavioral emails. These emails, such as welcome emails, reminders, and lead nurturing emails, can make subscribers feel acknowledged and understood. Triggered emails have been shown to generate up to 75% of revenue for some businesses. Setting up triggered emails may seem complex, but it is actually a straightforward process.

personalized email marketing

Employ triggered emails

Send emails from a person

A recommended technique to personalize your emails is to have them come from an individual rather than a company. Research suggests that recipients tend to trust and connect better with emails coming from a person. The "From" name in an email is a significant factor that influences the recipient's decision to open it, with 68% of Americans admitting to this. To personalize your emails, use a real person's name and picture instead of a logo or an avatar.

A test by Hubspot indicates that using a marketing team member's name instead of "Hubspot" in the "From" field resulted in a higher click-through rate of 0.96% compared to 0.73%. While the percentage increase may seem insignificant, the additional 292 clicks it generated made a meaningful difference.

Adding a human touch to your email campaigns through sending them from an actual person can boost their effectiveness and improve your email marketing strategy's outcome.

Use important anniversaries

Remembering important dates in your subscriber's journey with you is a great way to add a personalized touch to your emails. By celebrating their birthdays or anniversaries with your business, you can create a stronger connection with them. Personalizing emails in this way can lead to increased engagement and participation in promotions, ultimately resulting in higher revenue generated through your email campaigns. Gathering this type of data is crucial to taking your email personalization to the next level beyond simply using your subscriber's first name.

personalized email marketing

Use important anniversaries

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Use dynamic content

Dynamic content is a remarkable feature in email marketing that enables you to personalize parts of your email content to suit specific recipients. Essentially, dynamic content allows you to present different content to different individuals in your email list. The idea behind this is that different individuals have a preference for a specific kind of content. Therefore, by providing their preferred content, you offer personalized emails that meet their needs. Ultimately, email personalization is all about providing your customers with information that is relevant to them, and dynamic content is an excellent tool to achieve this.

By personalized email marketing to each subscriber based on their preferences, behavior, and past interactions with your brand, you can provide a more relevant and personalized experience that leads to better engagement and conversions. 

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Personalized Email Marketing: How to Increase Engagement and Conversions
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