Prevent Downtime with Top Maintenance Software for Manufacturing

Maintenance software for manufacturing has become increasingly popular for manufacturing companies to overcome challenges that impact their profitability, including reducing costs, improving productivity, and minimizing unplanned downtime. In this blog, Viindoo will also provide a list of our top recommended manufacturing maintenance software vendors. 

What is maintenance software for manufacturing?

Manufacturing maintenance management is a type of computer software designed to assist manufacturing businesses in managing and maintaining their equipment, assets, and facilities. This software can help automate maintenance processes, track inventory, schedule preventative maintenance, and provide real-time monitoring and reporting on equipment performance. The goal of maintenance software is to reduce equipment downtime, increase equipment reliability and longevity, improve safety, and optimize maintenance costs.

Maintenance software for manufacturing

What is manufacturing maintenance management?

Benefits of Manufacturing software for manufacturing

Manufacturing companies face various challenges, including reducing costs, improving productivity, and increasing profitability. In today's competitive business environment, it's essential to optimize every aspect of the manufacturing process. One way to achieve this is through the implementation of manufacturing software. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of manufacturing software and how it can help manufacturing companies to minimize unplanned downtime, manage work requests and orders, inventory and spare parts, and improve mobile accessibility and reporting.

  • Minimizing unplanned downtime

One of the significant challenges that manufacturing companies face is unplanned downtime. This downtime can cause significant disruptions in production and lead to revenue loss. Manufacturing software systems can help minimize unplanned downtime by providing real-time visibility into machine performance, alerting operators to potential issues, and allowing maintenance teams to perform proactive maintenance tasks before machines break down. By reducing unplanned downtime, manufacturing companies can increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve profitability. 

  •  Work request and work order management

Manufacturing software can help manufacturing companies manage work requests and work orders efficiently. Work requests can be submitted online, and managers can quickly review and approve them. Once approved, work orders can be automatically generated, and maintenance teams can be alerted to perform the necessary tasks. By streamlining work request and work order management, manufacturing companies can reduce paperwork and administrative overhead, improve communication between departments, and increase the speed and accuracy of work order completion.

Maintenance software for manufacturing

Order management

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  • Spare parts inventory and management

Manufacturing software can help manufacturing companies manage their spare parts inventory efficiently. The software can track spare parts inventory levels, reorder points, and lead times, and automatically generate purchase orders when inventory levels fall below the reorder point. By optimizing spare parts inventory management, manufacturing companies can reduce inventory carrying costs, improve spare parts availability, and ensure that machines are back up and running quickly in case of breakdowns.

  • Mobile accessibility

Manufacturing software can be accessed via mobile devices, which allows employees to access critical information and perform tasks from anywhere. Maintenance teams can use mobile devices to receive work orders, access machine manuals and schematics, and record work order completion times. Mobile accessibility improves communication between departments, reduces paperwork, and improves overall efficiency.

  • Reports and dashboards

Manufacturing software can generate comprehensive reports and dashboards that provide real-time visibility into critical production metrics. Managers can quickly view machine performance, work order status, and spare parts inventory levels, among other metrics. The reports and dashboards provide the information necessary to make informed decisions and optimize production processes continually.

Maintenance software for manufacturing

Reports and dashboards maintenance production management

Recommended Top Maintenance Software for Manufacturing

If you haven’t yet adopted manufacturing maintenance software — or if you’re looking to upgrade — it’s always a good idea to take a look at the market leaders at the beginning of your search. Taken from our CMMS Leaderboard, these are our top three recommended manufacturing maintenance software vendors:

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is considered one of the top maintenance software vendors for manufacturing, thanks to its extensive range of capabilities. Its features span from promoting health and safety practices to adopting maintenance strategies based on the asset's condition, making it a popular choice among large manufacturing operations.

Maintenance software for manufacturing

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management

IBM Maximo Asset Management

IBM Maximo is a well-known provider of EAM and manufacturing maintenance software that caters to various industries and asset management types. While it's not limited to manufacturing, it stands out among other systems due to its standard mobile access and analytical insights, making it an excellent option for manufacturers.

Maintenance software for manufacturing

IBM Maximo Asset Management

Infor EAM

Infor provides one of the most adaptable EAM solutions available, offering various industry-specific versions that cater to manufacturers' requirements. The system not only manages maintenance but also assists in strategic planning for meeting performance objectives and handling warranty claims.

Infor EAM Maintenance software for manufacturing

Infor EAM software

Viindoo Manufacturing

Viindoo Manufacturing Software is a comprehensive platform that streamlines production data management for modern enterprises in the 4.0 era. With digitalized management, it offers an all-in-one solution for production stages, from planning to supply. The software addresses top manufacturing challenges such as an information gap, loss of control over real-time statuses, and managing multi-warehouse materials. 

Viindoo's features include production and scheduling management, product costing software, and data analysis. The platform integrates with ERP software and other apps, offers real-time and comprehensive reports, and is flexible, scalable, and available on the website and mobile app.

Viindoo Maintenance software for manufacturing

Viindoo Manufacturing

Hopefully, with our top recommended maintenance software for manufacturing, you can find the perfect maintenance software for your business to meet your specific needs and budget. With the right manufacturing software in place, you can minimize unplanned downtime, improve work requests and work order management, optimizing spare parts inventory. So, leap and invest in the right recruitment software for your small business today.

Prevent Downtime with Top Maintenance Software for Manufacturing
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