List of Employee Productivity Tracking Software for Business

Are you searching for employee productivity tracking software that's perfect for your business? Look no further! In this article, Viindoo will provide you with a list of the most trusted software solutions used by businesses.

Definition of Employee Productivity Tracking Software

Employee productivity software provides instant insights on employee efficiency and task completion time, by analyzing their behavior and recording task-based timelines. This software assists employees in managing their workload effectively to achieve the best results, while giving managers the ability to monitor their direct reports' use of software applications and measure employee performance, ultimately resulting in improved productivity.

By optimizing and refining employee engagement, this software helps team managers and business owners to streamline tasks, save time and money, and achieve maximum ROI.

Definition of Employee Productivity Tracking Software

Definition of software to track employee productivity

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Why should businesses use software to track employee productivity?

There are various advantages to using employee productivity tracking software that can benefit both employees and managers/ business owners. The following are some of the most significant benefits:

  • Clearly Defines Objectives

When objectives and goals are unclear, productivity tends to decline. By tracking their tasks, employees gain a clear understanding of their immediate priorities and long-term goals. This helps in prioritizing tasks and eliminating confusion.

  • Enhances Transparency

Employee productivity tracking software allows team members to access their assigned tasks quickly and prioritize them accordingly. This helps them overcome obstacles and increases overall employee accountability. Managers can also use these tools to get a quick overview of what work has been done, providing a quantifiable, honest view of accomplishments.

Benefit of Employee Productivity Tracking Software

Benefit of software to track employee productivity

  • Boosts Productivity

Employee productivity tracking software enables managers and employees to track day-to-day work, identify blockers, and devise strategies to improve productivity and efficiency. Features like task and project dashboards provide a visualization of overall progress, which helps employees improve their daily productivity.

  • Simplifies Task Prioritization

Time tracking tools allow managers to allocate tasks based on priority, milestones, and schedules, enabling employees to prioritize tasks and manage their work calendars optimally to meet deadlines.

  • Provides Real-Time Job Status

For projects with longer timelines in larger organizations, employee productivity tracking tools provide an accurate, real-time status update. They segment each task based on the department while ensuring cross-team visibility and accountability. These updates are available to anyone working on the project, allowing for simple collaboration even for remote workforces.

  • Streamlines Billing for Freelancers

Many companies bill clients based on the number of hours invested in a project. Employee productivity tracking software provides a detailed insight into the time invested per task, generating an accurate invoice for the end client. This allows for better management of hourly team members and freelance contractors.

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List of Employee Productivity Tracking Software

Viindoo Project

Praised as one of the top employee productivity tracking software, the Viindoo project has the ability to support users in making precise and timely plans and tracking productivity, all within one inclusive software. In addition, the application is integrated with other convenient features such as email notifications, task reminders, and visualized data reports.

Employee Productivity Tracking Software Viindoo

Employee productivity software Viindoo Project

Viindoo project offers the following outstanding features:

  • Planning and managing work in order of priority and different stages.
  • Tracking work progress with user-friendly interfaces and data-visualized charts such as Kanban, Gantt, and Summary Table.
  • Automatic email updates to project personnel when the task phase changes and reminders for deadlines for each project.
  • Assigning tasks to each employee, allowing users to flexibly add or remove associated employees in the project and easily tag related people.
  • Integration with Timesheet, Sales, CRM, Invoicing management apps, etc.
  • Analyzing the profitability, profit/loss of each project, and the working performance of each employee in detail.
  • Offering a free trial with available data and detailed documentation.
  • Optimizing usage cost according to actual monthly users.
  • Usable on phone, laptop, PC, tablets, etc. 


Whatfix is a software platform designed to facilitate digital adoption by simplifying organizational processes and improving productivity. It achieves this by providing employees with on-demand training and support on the software tools and processes they use on a daily basis.

  • Whatfix simplifies organizational processes and boosts productivity levels.
  • It provides employees with on-demand training and support on software tools and processes.
  • Features such as in-app guides, walkthroughs, self-help FAQs, beacons, task lists, and pop-ups all help employees become expert users.
  • With contextual resources directly in team software apps, Whatfix reduces third-party intervention and saves time.


The ConnectTeam is a platform that can be expanded and adjusted to suit the needs of a company's employee management. It makes internal communication easy and encourages teamwork. The platform is designed with non-office workers in mind, aiming to increase transparency among team members and boost their engagement. ConnectTeam is suitable for various industries, including construction, retail, logistics, hospitality, and film.

employee productivity tracking software ConnectTeam

Features of ConnectTeam:

  • Communication and collaboration options are available for users and team members.
  • Project overview includes tasks, team members, deadlines, and notes.
  • Scheduling tasks, meetings, and deadlines is simple.
  • Training resources and customizable content are provided.
  • An accessible list helps users categorize project requirements and related notes.


TrackingTime is a time tracking software that helps freelancers and teams monitor progress and billable hours for their projects, assign tasks, and manage access permissions. The software also provides features such as time cards to monitor attendance, breaks, extra time and time off. Users can create custom online timesheets for productivity, payroll, invoicing, budgeting, billing, and generate professional business reports to share with clients.

TrackingTime can be used from any device or integrated with project management apps like Asana, Trello, Slack and over 30 other online services.


Teramind is a solution for monitoring employees that assists team managers in keeping track of their employees' work, engagement, and activities. It also monitors employee behavior to identify insider threats, suspicious activities, and protect confidential information.

employee productivity tracking software Teramind

Teramind software

Features of Teramind:

  • Easy tracking and access to privileged employee activities.
  • Monitoring of remote teams with customizable reports.
  • Regulating vendor team activities to safeguard company information.
  • Ensuring compliance with the latest guidelines and keeping business owners informed.

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ZoomShift is a cloud-based scheduling tool that simplifies shift planning by allowing users to input employee names and make a few clicks. The platform provides real-time notifications via email, text, or push when changes occur in the schedule. Additionally, reminders can be set to notify employees of the start of their shift. ZoomShift is an excellent organizational tool for businesses as it maximizes employee productivity. 


SmartTask is a comprehensive project management software that operates in the cloud and features time tracking functionality. Users can track time spent on tasks manually or automatically, and review the activity log of remote team members. The software also allows for task management in four different views, the handling of multiple projects, management of team workload, collaboration with team members, and the creation of custom project dashboards for monitoring performance.

The above article summarizes what employee productivity tracking software is and lists the most reputable vendors. Viindoo hope that this information will help you make the best choice for your business.

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List of Employee Productivity Tracking Software for Business
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