Free Bill of Materials Template [Excel File]

Looking for an easy-to-use Bill of Materials Template? Look no further than our free Excel file, designed to help streamline your production process. With these customizable templates from Viindoo Enterprise Management Software, you can efficiently manage your materials, parts, and equipment to ensure the smooth operation of your production line.

What is Bill of Materials Template?

"BOM" or Bill of Materials refers to the quantity of raw materials used in a business. It is a comprehensive list of all the raw materials, parts, and assembly equipment required to manufacture a specific product.

BOM is crucial in manufacturing as it serves as the basis for production planning, control, and evaluation of the entire business production process, including material consumption.

Bill of Materials Template

What is Bill of Materials Template?

Features required for Bill of materials template:

  • Inclusion of the quantities needed for each item, which is essential for determining the overall cost of production. 
  • Product structure or hierarchy, which is particularly useful when manufacturing complex products with many components. 
  • Ability to track revisions or updates made to the BOM, which ensures that everyone involved in the production process has access to the latest information. 
  • Information on the cost of materials, lead times, suppliers, and any dependencies between items. 
  • By identifying duplicate parts, ensuring compliance with regulations, and providing a basis for forecasting and budgeting, BOMs are an essential tool for any manufacturing business.

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Types of bill of materials template

As BOMs are widely used in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and engineering, it is a must that you understand different types of BOM templates and their features to select the most appropriate one for your manufacturing needs.

Bill of Materials Template

Types of bill of materials template

Here are some commonly used BOM templates:

  • Single-Level BOM: This template is a simple list of all the components required to build a product in a single level format. It's suitable for products that don't have many sub-assemblies.
  • Multi-Level BOM: This template is a hierarchical structure that includes sub-assemblies, which are made up of smaller components that are grouped together. It's useful for products that have multiple levels of complexity.
  • Engineering BOM: This template is used by engineers to design a product and includes all the necessary components, raw materials, and parts needed to build the product. It's ideal for products that require extensive research and development.
  • Manufacturing BOM: This template lists all the components and sub-assemblies required to build a product and is used in the manufacturing process. It's suitable for products that are being produced on a large scale.
  • Sales BOM: This template is used by sales teams to create quotes or proposals for customers and includes only the components that are relevant to the customer's requirements. It's useful for creating customized products.
  • Service BOM: This template lists all the components and parts needed to repair or service a product. It's suitable for products that require regular maintenance or repair.

What information to be included in BOM

A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a comprehensive document that contains vital information for the manufacturing process. Here are some essential pieces of information that are typically included in a BOM:

Item or Part Number: A unique identifier for each component or part used in the product.

  • Description: A brief description of each component, including its dimensions, material, and color.
  • Quantity: The amount of each component required to build the product.
  • Unit of Measure: The unit of measurement for each component, such as meters, pounds, or pieces.
  • Vendor or Supplier Information: Information about the vendor or supplier of each component, including their contact details and pricing.
  • Cost: The cost of each component, including any taxes or fees.
  • Lead Time: The time it takes for each component to be delivered.
  • Revision Level: The revision level of the BOM, indicating the version of the document.
  • Assembly Information: The instructions for assembling the components into the finished product, including diagrams or illustrations.
Bill of Materials Template

What information to be included in BOM

By including this essential information in a BOM, manufacturers can ensure that they have all the necessary components to build their products, maintain accurate inventory records, and manage their costs effectively.

Free Bill of materials template

Creating a BOM can be a daunting task, but thankfully there are many free templates available that can help simplify the process. Here are three free bill of materials template that you can download and customize to suit your needs.

Free BOM template #1

The template includes three separate sheets, the first of which is the Cover, which contains fields for information such as the Customer Name, Project name, End Application, Requesting Engineer, Start of Production.

After updating the required information, move on to the Complete Bill of Materials sheet. On this sheet, you can create specific BOMs. It's crucial to fill the empty cells, as the remaining cells will update automatically.


Free MBOM template #2

MBOM stands for "Manufacturing Bill of Materials". It is a specific type of bill of materials that focuses on the materials and resources needed for the manufacturing process, including detailed instructions for assembling the product.

This MBOM template typically includes information such as Zone, Legends, Item Description, Level, UOM, Quantity required, as well as Cost Details and Supplier/Vendor Name. This is an essential document used by manufacturing teams to ensure that all necessary materials and steps are accounted for in the production process.


Bill of materials template

Free MBOM template #2

Multi-level BoM Template

A Multi-level Bill of Materials (MBOM) Template is a document used to organize and track the components or raw materials needed to manufacture a finished product. It is designed to help manufacturers manage their production processes efficiently and accurately by providing a comprehensive overview of all the materials required at every stage of production.

This Multi-level BoM Template typically includes information such as the part number, description, quantity, and unit of measure for each item. It can also include other essential details such as supplier information, lead time, and cost.



You can find BOM templates online through various sources, including manufacturing software providers, productivity tools, and industry-specific websites.

A typical BOM template includes columns for item numbers, part names/descriptions, quantities required, unit of measure, supplier information, part numbers, and any additional notes or specifications.

In addition to the basic components, quantities, and part numbers, you can include additional information in your BOM template, such as costs, lead times, assembly instructions, revision history, and compliance requirements.

Yes, Excel is commonly used to create BOM templates. It provides flexibility and ease of use for organizing and managing BOM data. You can create your own template or find pre-made BOM templates compatible with Excel.

 What software can I use to create and manage BOMs?

There are various software options available for creating and managing BOMs, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, product lifecycle management (PLM) software, and specialized manufacturing software.

bill of Viindoo materials template

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In conclusion, a well-organized and detailed Bill of Materials is an essential part of any manufacturing or production process. The Free Bill of Materials Template provided in this article can help you create a comprehensive and organized list of all the raw materials and components required for your finished product.

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Free Bill of Materials Template [Excel File]
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